Where are we?

Far out at sea captain Shallolah spotted the beacon. “About turn” she shouted “Looks like there’s someone on that far island. Let’s go see who it is”

Now the King had seen the ship turning. “They have seen us, and they’re coming this way – close camp and let’s see what kind of people they are”.

The ship dropped anchor and a small crew came in a rowing boat. “Scout the shores and see who could have lit that fire,” said captain Shallolah. “We just need to stay quiet until we know if they’re pirates or not.” whispered the King.

The captain came close to the camp. “over here” she shouted, “looks like there’s been someone camping here.” Just then Salhuta sneezed! “Here there’s someone down here.” Lifting the roof of the camp the king spoke up “Greetings, my name is Parucha and these are my family. Can you please help us? We have been shipwrecked and not sure as to where we are. We’ve been here weeks now and you’re the first ship that has passed.” The King quickly realised that the captain was a woman and that he could rely on her maternal instinct and she would sympathise with them. For now, it seemed as if he was right.

“Oh, my dears, you must be starving, cold and you certainly look like you need a good wash. Come, you must return to my ship and be my guests.” Crawling out of camp they were all very suspicious and on their guard. They needed to trust someone if they were ever going to start their journey home.

Onboard the ship they’re all separated, the ladies were taken to one cabin, Salhuta to another and Bruandi and the King to another. Clean clothes and basins were given to them with the instruction they would dine with the captain once they were washed and dressed.

After a short while, they were all escorted to the Captain’s cabin. There in front of them was the biggest banquet they had seen in a very long time. ” Greetings” said Shallolah “please come sit and eat you must be famished.” With that, they sat and ate and drank talking with her about what had happened and how they had no idea where they were. Bruandi explained how he thought that they had been carried by a whale and somehow washed up on the beach with some of the wreckage.

“Hmmm, she looked at them all one by one, you say you’re from where?” – “The Lula island” said the King.” – “Well then your a very long way from where you were. Your are now very much south of the equator and near the Galapagos Islands. It will take you many months to return to your island.” said Shallolah.

Everyone looked at each other with sadness. ” But,” said Shallolah, “I’m up for an adventure, lets see if we can get you all safely home.” – The king looked at her and said, “are you sure? that’s very gracious of you but we have nothing to offer you for your kindness.”

“Nonsense” she said, “you have offered me an adventure, now that doesn’t come along every day does it King Parucha!”

The King looked shocked. He looked at everyone and they all shrugged their shoulders as if to say we haven’t said anything. ” How do you know I’m a king?” She laughed saying “How did I find your camp? Then how did I know you were safe to bring on board my ship?” Your thoughts were all too loud, I could hear them way before we came onshore.”

“Now if you don’t mind. just tell me the truth” said the King. “If we’re going on this adventure together it’s the right thing to do. Let’s start with the truth.”

So over food they talked once again and this time told her everything. “Well it sounds like you King Parucha have lots to learn. it’s a shame you dragged your family into this whole mess. But I guess you’ve already thought of all that.” said Shallolah. “It’s time to rest now your majesty. We’ll speak again tomorrow. “

With that, they were all escorted back to their cabins. That night the King paced up and down. What had he done, was this a ship of safety or were they in danger? This went around and around his head until he was exhausted and eventually fell asleep.

While he was sleeping he heard the captain’s voice saying “don’t worry your safe now, I’m going to help you find your family

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Music: drifting minds | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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