Visit to the Doctor

Sat by the fire Maye brings up the subject of going to see the Doctor once again with her mother. “Mother I know you are trying to avoid this, but you really need to be checked out. You don’t know if anything is wrong with the baby or how far you are in the pregnancy.”

“Oh, I do know that!” Replied the Queen. “Alright, Maye you win, we’ll go first thing in the morning to see the doctor once the tide has gone out.” Maye Felt happier. She kissed her mother on the cheek and said good night.

Once Maye had gone, the Queen started to cry. She didn’t want Maye to see how upset it had made her. Nunnani came in as she was wiping her tears. She sat down and held the Queen’s hands. “Don’t fear having this child, I think you’ll return happier from the main island tomorrow.”

The Queen looked at Nunnani ” Why do you say that?” “well,” she replied ” you know that I’m a spiritual being and I’m permitted to see many things that you humans don’t. All I can say to you is tomorrow is going to change your mind about many things.”

The Queen smiled. “Nunnani you know I trust you and so I’m going to hold on to that little bit of hope you have given me. Hopefully, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that. Thank you.”

The Queen went up to bed. Maye was fast asleep. She lay at the side of her. She tried and tried to sleep but Nunnani’s words raced around in her head. Why will I be happy tomorrow what going to happen? She tossed and turned for hours and hours until she just got up and went to have some warm milk.

While downstairs she sat talking to her baby whilst clutching her swollen stomach. “I know you are the innocent one in all this, yet I can’t bring myself to have any feelings for you. I’m sorry little one, but you remind me too much of all the trauma I went through when you were conceived. It’s not that I don’t want to love you. it just hurts.”

With that, the Queen felt sick. She ran to the wooden pale and was sick as a dog. She disposed of the sick and returned to bed where she cried herself to sleep.

Morning came all too soon, Maye woke her mother. “Come on mother, it’s morning and we need to go see the doctor” ” Oh Maye I didn’t sleep very well last night and I don’t want to wake yet” replied the Queen. She was hoping that maybe would let it go and allow her to sleep in. “Mother said Maye come on the tide goes out soon and we have to get over to the main Island and Back before the tide comes in. – Don’t you want to be happy today?”

The Queen sat up, “Maye you must stop listening to people’s conversations” – ” I didn’t listen, I promise I just read your mind!” The Queen looked at her ” You must stop doing that! That’s so wrong on many levels Maye. It’s intrusive and I’m not happy that you’ve done it to be honest my dear.”

Maye put her head down, I’m sorry mum. I just can’t help it. Your thoughts were so loud last night. I tried to not hear them.”

They both looked at each other and burst out laughing. The Queen said, “sorry for having loud thoughts” Again they both laughed. ” come on she said let’s get this over and done with.

They made their way over to the doctor, it was earlier but the waiting room was very busy. Vio was dashing around bringing drinks for people and helping the Doctor. When she saw Maye and the Queen she didn’t know which way to look.

Maye spoke to her mind. Don’t worry I haven’t told my mother. She thinks you came to help the doctor of your own free will. So act normally. Vio then Greeted them both ” – “Good morning, would you like a drink making to warm you after you walk here your majesty?”

The Queen nodded her head and said ” that would be lovely Vio, I must say your doing a fine job helping the doctor. It was very kind of you.”

Maye stared at her. In her mind, she was telling Vio. Don’t even think of adding any poison to it either. The Queen looked at Maye. ” Don’t stare like that dear. Vio is doing her best”

Maye looked at her mother “Sorry, I just don’t like her.”

“Maye you know better than that, Sorry Vio please don’t take offense.” Vio quickly left the room and returned with warm tea for them both. The Queen and Maye sat and waited their turn.

Once it was their turn the doctor examined the Queen. “You’re coming along nicely,” she said. “You’re just over four months now.” The queen stopped her there. “Four months you say? That means I must have been pregnant when we left Gistlidia? and it means it’s not that evil Doctors!

It’s the Kings baby. It’s your father’s Maye” – She burst into tears. “Oh thank you, you’ve made me one happy woman.”

Maye was jumping. “Mother I going to be a sister again!” They both cried and hugged each other. Thanking the Doctor they arranged for her to come on a more regular basis now that she was keeping the child.

Walking back over to the small Island they were happy and laughing, thinking of baby names. Nunnani was right. Maye looked up at her mother “Are you glad you came now?” the Queen replied “Yes, my dear I am. We’re going to have a beautiful little girl.”

They walked the rest of the way back holding hands and singing happy songs

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Music Days to remember by EvgenyBardyuzha from Pixabay

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