The Wisdom Tree

The tree was tall. It was handsome too! It had been there 350 years. The bark was knurled and plenty weathered. It had seen many come sit underneath the canopy shading from the sun. Many trees had fallen before its feet giving it enrichment and nourishment to carry on.

This was a special tree. It was a tree worth hugging for sure. Not only did it take in the rich carbon and donate fresh air to our lungs, it held wisdom in its roots deeper than you think. The trees listen, they hear our every breath.

Many people that had visited the tree felt peace and harmony. Some of the people felt disturbed and unruly. There were many doctors and scientists from all over Gistlidia who came to look at the tree for its healing properties.

Some found when they needed wisdom or advice they would come to sit under the tree and speak their worries and problems before the tree. On leaving – the answers would come to them.

This tree was sacred. Many times it has been defended from enemies trying to chop it down or take a cutting to grow their own tree of wisdom.

Collaborative NFT with Rodicqart

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Music: Dreamy Interlude | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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