The warrior Queen wakes up!

The Queen has been indoors now for over three weeks, she’s had enough. She looks over towards Gracie who’s still asleep. Her mind wonders where her children are and who is with them? Jumping up out of bed she decided she was no longer going to hide.

She’s a warrior and hides from no one. She was to start training. Her body was now well and she needed to start finding her family. Putting on her petticoat she went downstairs. Over the fire hung a sword, taking it down, it felt great in her hand.

She looked outside. The sea fret was still lingering, yet it had lifted enough to see where she needed to go. Putting on an overcoat she went outside and headed toward the small cove where she knew she could train without anyone seeing her.

It had been a long time since she needed to use a sword. At first, it felt heavy in her hand and her arms ached. Then she started to channel all her anger and frustration into her moves. Before she knew it she was swinging that sword like she never put it down. After a few hours, she allowed herself to stop. Sitting there on the sand, she felt invigorated.

Her blood was pumping with blood and her mind felt clear for the first time since they started on this wretched trip. The sun was now poking through the sea fret. It was warm on her face and the fresh sea air made her feel great. Looking up toward the heavens she shouted “thank you, Lord!” jumping up to practise once more.

Then the dreaded thoughts of what the doctor had done to her came rushing into her mind. Some of them were new memories. Instead of allowing them to make her feel bad, she started training harder. This time seeing the doctor’s face and how she would kill him. She practised again and again until she was exhausted.

By now Gracie had found her. She sat quietly and just watched in awe! Once the Queen had stopped Gracie clapped her hands. “Amazing!” She shouted. “will you teach me to fight like that?” The Queen turned to her nodding her head. “If it’s OK with your parents, yes I will.” – “Come on it’s time to head back to the house. ” said the Queen. “That’s enough for today. I’ve sure built up an appetite. Let’s go eat.”

Gracie jumped up! “Can I carry your sword? Please can I?” The Queen was tired and so grateful for the offer. As they walked back she explained to Gracie. That this sword wasn’t hers and that her sword was much finer than this one.

She then went on to explain that she was brought up by great warriors from the day she could hold a sword until she married. There wasn’t a day that went by when she didn’t have a sword in her hand. Gracie was mesmerised by the Queen she wanted to be just like her.

Back at the house, Nancy was awake, Lord viscum’s wife was just making some tea. “Where have you been?” they asked. Placing the sword back over the fire. Gracie blurted out “She’s been training with that sword and she’s amazing!” “Now, Now Gracie,” her mother said. “She’s right,” said the Queen “that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.”

“I’ve decided that I’m no longer hiding away. It’s time for us to make a stand! Gracie has asked if I can train her with a sword. I can train all of you to use one. We need to return to our rightful places. But first, we need to rid this island of this evil doctor. Are you with me?”

The Queen was hoping to get a better response. Only Gracie shouted “yes!” The other two looked at her saying “we’re not warriors.”

Just then Lord Viscum walked in, “What’s all this? It sounds like you’re planning to take over the main Island. “eventually,” replied the Queen. “For now, we practice and find out information. We will have our revenge and Justice will prevail. Then we’ll seek out a ship and return to our Islands. I will Then search for my family.” – With that, they all chinked their teacups in agreement.

To new beginnings!” they shouted

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Music: Behind the sword | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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