The stowaway

The Stowaway

The Queen and the children survived there first night on board the ship. The king was in his element, he was running the ship like he’d never been away.

The children were running around on deck and getting into mischief, the crew were grumbling about it! The matter was brought before the King and he and captain Bell decided they needed to be given a job to do while onboard.

Salhuta was given the job as captains mate, he would follow his father and Captain Bell and learn how to navigate the sea and manage the ships crew. Maye was given the job as cooks mate. She would learn all the different jobs needed to feed everyone onboard ship. Salhuta, laughed at Maye and mocked her saying “get to the scully wench!”

His father looked at him sternly, “don’t think for one second my son that you got the easier job”, he said. You have to learn all the jobs the deck crew have to do plus learn all the maps and star constellations by night. “Oh, i didn’t realise that father.” The king replied ” well, now you do so off to work and scrub that deck boy!. Maye report to the kitchen and tell cook, the King has sent you to learn all jobs in the kitchen.” – ” Yes father, at once!” said Maye. Now the children were busy they could get back to running the ship and finding the whales.

Maye worked her way to the kitchen, she’d never seen the inside of a kitchen let alone worked in one. When she finally found it, the cook put her to work straight away. Her job was to go collect potatoes from the stores and peel them. the cook gave her a quick demonstration on how she wanted them peeled and chopped and all before noon. Maye was horrified at the amount of work she was expected to do, thinking that’s all she had to do today she skipped off the find potatoes.

The first barrel she opened, she let out a loud scream, there was a man inside surrounded by potatoes. Cook rushed to find out what was wrong! – “Oh no . I’ve not got time for this stop being a silly little girl!” shouted the cook.

That was before she saw the Stowaway. She grabbed him by the ear and marched him up on to the deck and in front of the King and Captain. “Whats all this about, why are you bringing this man before us?” asked the King. “Maye, found him in a barrel of potatoes” said Vio. “A stowaway hey?” said the captain. Well what do we do with stowaways “we throw them in the drink” the captain shouted, then the crew. “To the bottom of David Jones locker with you matey.” said Salhuta.

The King recognised the cook, he was shocked to discover that is was infact his mistress Vio, He tried very hard not to show it in front of everyone there in the midst of the situation.


Just then Bruandi the stowaway spoke out “Your majesty don’t you recognise me?” . “We worked together all those years and you don’t see who I am?” The king looked closer “Bruandi, is that really you? My goodness it is you! How? why? what? My friend.”

“Get this man some food, infact a bath and clean clothes then food. By hec Bruandi we’ve got lots to catch up on.” The crew took Bruandi and followed the Kings instructions.

The Kings heart was racing from both the surprises he’d had that day. “Captain”, he said. “I need a drink after that, I’ll be back. Just off to the kitchen for a stiff drink.” When the king went below deck, he grabbed Vio the cooks arm. “What the blazers are you doing on here? “Don’t you get it? My wife and children are here. “Don’t you ever come before me again. If I want you I’ll summon you!”

The King was angry that Vio his mistress thought she could be clever and pull a stunt like that. After his warning the King grabbed a bottle of rum and 2 glasses and off he went to have a drink and a catch up with his old pal Bruandi

Good friends

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