The Shalapoon sinks

The Sinking Shalapoon

After being in the water for a while the King was in and out of consciousness, mumbling in between lucid moments. “Where are my children? “; “What’s happened?”; “Why are we in the water?”. He wasn’t conscious long enough for Bruandi to answer.

Meanwhile Salhuta was crying. He was cold and in shock; “Come on my little friend” said Bruandi. “I’m counting on you to be a man! Your father needs us and we need to swim and keep on swimming until we find dry land. If you keep swimming you’ll warm up.” The young Salhuta needed to focus. “My father needs me; we need to swim. I need to find Maye”, he shouted. “She was in the Kitchen!”

As they looked for the ship they saw it sinking down in the deep cold dark water! “Come on Salhuta, we can’t help Maye now – she’s gone!” . “We can help others and your father needs help! Swim and lets not stop. Remember the storm is almost upon us!”

Salhuta started to swim with Bruandi, but the waves were getting higher and higher! it was becoming harder to swim. Then from nowhere something huge smashed into the three of them! Everything went black after that.

The King felt cold and in a lot of pain. He moved his arms. It was hard to move he was wet and cold. He could hear and feel his teeth chattering. As he opened his eyes he could see sand and what looked like rocks and trees. His vision was blurred, he rolled over and then could see blue sky and clouds. Where was he?. “where’s my children! where’s my children?”

The adrenaline started pumping through his body and he found the strength to get up and look around properly. “Salhuta, Maye, Bruandi” shouted the King in despair. He shouted and again. The King almost feared the worst but then he heard. “Father; Father were here!” The King ran in the direction of the voice and there laying on the rocks was his son and Bruandi. He ran over to them and hugged them both. “Where’s Maye – he shouted? Salhuta started to cry; “I’m sorry Father she didn’t get out of the ship!”

The King fell to his knees, “what do you mean she didn’t get out of the ship!”. Bruandi lifted his head and said “the ships gone your Majesty; Maye was still in the Kitchen. I’m sorry!” “Noooooo!,” shouted the King looking out at the sea and raising his fists to heaven. “”Why, God why? – You have taken my Maye. She’s only a child!”. He fell to the ground again in grief and dispare.

“Your Majesty it know it’s hard but we need to find shelter and start a fire before we die in the cold and of shock. Try to focus and lets work to save what we have.”

The King although struck with grief knew Bruandi was right. He mumbled; “God be with you my precious daughter – only he can save you now.” With that he picked his self up and helped his son and Bruandi out of the sea and rocks and onto the dry land.

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Music: until the end | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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