The Return of the King

For the last week Queen Astra had been receiving news that King and Queen Parucha have been spotted on their way towards Gistlidia. The Queen was feeling excited but didn’t want to build her hopes just in case the news was false. She’d spoken with Rerhud and he was to stay at the look out to report any sightings of a ship called Faith heading towards the Island. She didn’t want the Gistlidian’s to know just yet.

It was very early in the morning on new years eve. The Queen was up and awake she’d heard from Rerhud that a ship called Faith had definitely been seen and it was in-fact King and Queen Parucha. She’d sent out boats to make sure they had a safe passage back to the docks. She wasn’t taking any chances, she wanted her family home safe.

As she drank her morning tea she heard Mayes voice in her head saying. “Hello Grandmother, it’s Maye, were nearly home. We can see Gistlidia, we should be docking within the next four hours.”

The Queen was very confused about where this voice had come from. But never the less she called for the house keeper and notified her to arrange food and drink and to set up the banquet hall as the King and Queen were on their way home.

Then getting dressed, she wanted to be down by the docks when they arrived. After a few hours Queen Astra arrived down by the docks. By now the news had spread throughout the Island and all the Gistlidian’s were down there too.

They had made banners and lit fires to keep warm. When they saw the Queen Astra everyone cheered and welcomed her with warm mead and a place near the fire. Everyone was very excited. Then someone spotted the the ship!

“Their here!” they shouted. Everyone turned to face the sea. And sure enough the could see the ship coming down the valley towards the docks. Everyone was singing and waving and holding up their lanterns. Queen Astra ordered that they make way for the Royal Carriage. She’d brought down warm furs to put inside as the morning was bitterly cold. It had started to snow heavily and was settling.

On board the ship everyone was very busy doing their jobs. There was much excitement and anticipation on board but they needed to stay focused on docking the ship carefully. Pulling into the docks the ships anchor was dropped and also it was was tied to the dock. The King, Queen and their children stood waving. They held up baby Faith and everyone cheered singing welcoming them back home.

Queen Mother Astra was the first to greet them. She was so happy that finally she had her family back home.

Music played and people danced in the streets as King and Queen Parucha passed in the carriage. It was so good to be home. The King Looked at his family and praised God! Thank you Lord for our safe journey home.

Once the carriage had pulled up the King and Queen got out. They introduced Queen Astra to her new granddaughter. The Gistlidian’s had lined the streets and were throwing flowers at the carriage as it passed.

“There is to be a great banquet tonight to celebrate your return. You’ll need to rest. You can share stories tonight at the Banquet”- ” I’ve arranged hot baths and clean clothes to be put out for you all.” said the new grandmother Queen Astra smiling as she held baby Faith.

It was so nice to be home and they really did need to bathe. They smelt awful. A full week at sea with no time to wash or change clothes. King and Queen Parucha and the children certainly looked a whole lot different from the family that left a year ago. This adventure had done what the King intended it to do. They had changed and were all better people and closer as a family.

As the Banquet began King and Queen Parucha stood with their children. The hall fell silent, the King raised his cup then spoke.”

Thanks be to God for the adventure of a life time

He has changed us as a family. We have all been on our own personal journeys of faith, growth and change. We have gained new skills and learnt hard lessons that only God can teach. We will share our stories of loss, despair and failure. Hope, faith and renewal. Using our wounds to heal and rebuild Gistlidia

He then drank from his cup and everyone in the hall cheered

“To God and to Gistlidia! Amen!”

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Music: parting glass by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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