The Queens day of blessings

As the Queen only had a few weeks left of her pregnancy she was sat feeling very fat and fed up with herself. Everyone had been working hard preparing for the babies arrival.

Lord Viscum had been working hard on making a crib for the little princess. The Queen was sat by the fire when he came in and everyone followed. “Close your eyes.” he said. Closing her eyes she giggled with excitement. “now you can open them”.

As she opened her eyes there before her was the most beautiful crib. “Oh me words” cried the Queen. “How have you managed to keep this from me. I was just going to place her in a wooden draw!” He looked at her and said ” We can’t have a princess with out her own crib. I’m sure if the King was here he would have done the same. “The Queen stood up and wrapped her arms around him. ” I cant thank you enough. You’ve shown so much kindness. When we return to Gistlidia you’ll have your reward.”

“As were all giving our gifts for my sister” said Maye as she ran off and returned with her gift. It was a most beautiful quilt for her crib. She had gone around the main Island and asked all the fishermen’s wives for any material scraps and stitched them together with a beautiful cross in the middle. “Thank you Maye” The Queen was sobbing her heart out by now.

Next it was Nunnani who brought her gift she had worked on making a bed time story book full of scriptures children could understand. Then Gracie brought her a little bear she had made all by herself. It looked a little odd but she’d put all her love and care into making it.

Lady Viscum and Nancy brought in the most beautiful baby clothes. They had made about five different outfits for the princess. ” I feel so happy, you have all worked so hard to help prepare for this little one coming into the world. I don’t know where i’d be without you all! Thank you so much.” said Queen Parucha.

Lord Viscum then started to play his fiddle and the ladies served up some food and drinks. What started off being just a fat fed up day turned out to be a day full of Gods blessings and kindness from all those who loved and cared for her

Friends and Family

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