The Queens awakening


Back on the Island, the Doctor examines the Queen and soon discovers a rash. This rash was well known and it is caused by poison. Poison from a frog that is native to these small groups of islands.

He immediately uses some herbs and other minerals ground together to make a tea and helps the Queen to sit up. She takes small sips. Coughing and spluttering the Queen tries to knock it out of his hand. He tries his best to explain to her that the medication will counteract the poison she’d been given. At this point the Queen was so weak she couldn’t fight him and so just drank the tea and lost consciousness.

A few hours passed and she opened her eyes. “Where am I?” the Queen asks. Your majesty, you in the Lula Islands. You became very sick on board the ship and his Majesty the King had you brought here as he feared you may die without medical help” replied the doctor. “

“I’ve examined you and discovered you had a rash caused by poison. Do you know of anyone on board who wanted to kill you?” “No” replied the Queen. “Oh, Except! Has the ship left port?, I need to warn my husband about two people on board I believe are going to harm him”. ” Where are my children?” cried the Queen; “I’ve got to get up, I have to warn them!”

The Queen tried to stand up and fell to the ground. “Your Majesty, please you are far too weak to do anything just now, please rest and we’ll try to send a fishing boat to warn the King, now you must rest.”. ” You have been poisoned and your body needs to recover.” The Doctor lifted her back onto the bed and with sheer exhaustion, she fell asleep. The Doctor sent word to one of the fishing boats to find the Shalapoon and warn the King that someone had poisoned his wife and was plotting to harm him and his children.

Back on the Shalapoon, the plotters had altered the maps taking the ship into troubled waters. There was a storm starting out at sea. The king knew they were in for a rough time. If only he could reach the other side of the Islands the water would be calmer and he knew that’s where all the whales were. He was determined to take a whale back to Gistlidia. “Drop the sails, let’s beat this storm and reach the other side of the Islands before it hits us. we can catch some whales then!”, ordered the King.

The crew did as they were ordered. None of them knew the maps had been tampered with. The Shalapoon was sailing at full speed. The storm was coming closer. No one was paying any attention to a whale that was heading in a collision course with the ship! There was a huge crash and the loudest Bang, knocking the ship sideways. Some of the crew fell overboard. The king’s head hit the wheel and he was out cold.

Down below water was rushing in. Vio and Maya tried to escape but the rushing water was just too fast and they were trapped. The power of the water pulled them into the freezing sea!. On deck Bruandi tied a length of rope around him the King and Salhuta. Then grabbing hold of a barrel they plunged into the cold water! It was so cold at first they couldn’t breathe. Then bang! Something smashes into them making them all lose consciousness.

Meanwhile, the storm was approaching fast. Maye was sinking deep down in the icy water and in and out of consciousness. She saw Nunnani floating as though she was flying towards her. She was surrounded by a beautiful white light. Nunnani held her hand and Maye felt at peace, she wasn’t scared, she wasn’t cold, she could breathe. Everything was in slow motion. Then there was nothing!

From the distance two plotters watch the the ship sink and the Kings demise, they celebrated. “we did it … The King is dead…. ”

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Music: efter storm | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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