The Queen discovers Maye’s new ability

The Queen and Maye fell asleep cuddling one another. She wakes up to hear Maye talking with someone but there’s no one in the room except them. “Maye my love who are you speaking to?”- There’s no one here.”

“I’m speaking to the baby in your tummy mother. I told her I can’t wait to meet her and that we are going to have lots of fun when she arrives.” The Queen sat up and looked at Maye. “How do you know I have a baby in my tummy? “I can hear her, she loves the sound of you talking to her and especially when you laugh.” This made the Queen smile.

“Maye there somethings we need to talk about. This baby isn’t your fathers some things have happened to me while you have been away. I don’t even know if I’m going to keep this baby after it’s born.” said the Queen. “I know, what’s happened to you mother, that nasty Doctor forced himself on you. I know. I know you killed him too.” said Maye.

The Queen looked shocked “Maye how do you know this?” Maye looked into her mother’s eyes, ” I can read your mind, I can read everyone’s mind. ever Since the Shalapoon sank. Nunnani told me it’s because a part of my brain that was active while I was in a coma continued to remain active when I woke up and it allows me to read minds and manipulate others’ thoughts.” said Maye.

“So I know all about what happened to you mother. It’s not my sister’s fault, she’s the innocent one in all this. The Queen gave Maye the biggest hug. “You have grown up so much my precious daughter, I’m so sorry that we have put you through all this. I’m very proud of you and your new abilities. I only wish your father and brother were here. I really miss them so much. I don’t even know if they’re alive.”

Maye squeezed her mother and said “They are alive. I’ve connected with Saluhta’s mind and they are very much alive. I’ve been getting these funny messages from someone saying that they are on their way, they are travelling here.” The Queen kissed Mayes forehead and said “Then that’s what we will do – we need to talk with Nunnani about this and try to fine-tune your new abilities. Thank you for telling me about them and thank you – I didn’t know I was carrying a little girl.” She hugged Maye once again then they went down for breakfast.

Around the breakfast table, everyone is asking where Vio was? “Well,” said Nunnani “we sent her over to the main Island last night just before the tide came in. As it’s very cramped here we sent her to stay with the doc and to help her with her clinic”. The Queen smiled and said, “that was a lovely thing to do, I’m sure Doctor Multan will appreciate the help.

“Nunnani will you please come with me and Maye today we need to go see the doctor and I would love your company. We can talk along the way.” Nunnani smiled “Yes of course I will, we have much to catch up on”

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Music: Fantasy ambience| Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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