The Kings concern

Chapter 2

The Queen has been sick for just under a week and there are no signs of her getting well. “Bring the Doctor” commands the King! Doctor Multan arrives at the cabin. She sends out everyone so she can examine the Queen.

Outside the King was pacing up and down for what seemed like an age. He was very concerned for the Queen. In all the years they had been married he’d never known her to be sick and she was a very strong and healthy warrior.

The door opens and out comes the doctor, “The Queen needs to move from the middle of the ship to the back where it is much calmer. She is suffering from seasickness and is feeling very weak from not eating.” said Dr Multan.

The King called for the Captain straight away. When the captain arrived the Doctor was still with them. The king and doctor explained what was happening with the Queen. The Captain at once said she could move into his quarters as there were two bedrooms in there. He asked the King if he would be moving with her. The King stated he wanted to stay where he was so not to disturb his wife while she was ill.

The Queen and all her belongings were transferred to the Captain’s quarters. She settled at once in the huge soft bed, it did feel much calmer than the middle of the ship. Plus there was a big latticed window she could look out of. She rested her head on the soft clean pillows and slept. Every few hours the Doctor checked in on her and reported to the King.

By the evening there still was no improvement in the Queen’s health. The doctor advised the King to make port as soon as possible as the Queen needed to be on land. Being at sea was no good for her. They were at least a day away from the island they could make port at.

Doctor Multan gave the Queen some tonic to help keep her strength up and stayed by her side helping her drink as and when she could. It was a long night and the Queen seemed not to be improving as now she was running a fever. Coldwater was put into the captain’s bathtub where the Queen was placed to help reduce her fever.

By now Nunnani was present and was praying over the Queen. The King had ordered all the ships crew to pray for the Queen. There was a great spiritual presence that swept through the ship.

In the early hours of the morning, the Queens fever broke but she was still very weak. They made port around 6 hundred hours. She was taken off the ship to the island Doctor where she would stay until they returned for her. Both children kissed their mother then boarded back on the ship. As the ship set sail there was great sadness and the crew sang songs of lament.

By noon there was a shout from the crow’s nest. “A whale! starboard side.”

Everyone went immediately to work. “Harpoons to the ready” shouted Bruandi. “There she is and she’s a beauty” – “Fire” shouted the King and the harpoon was released. They had missed.

“Aim and fire” again shouted the King!

Once again the whale managed to escape them. All the excitement changed the atmosphere from sadness to great expectations on catching a whale

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