The King reaches Eagle Island

After all the celebrations of the birth of his daughter King Parucha was up and eager to set sail as fast as he could to be reunited with his wife and children. He went up on deck. Salhuta came running up to him “look father, Bruandi says that Island over there is the Eagle Island and that means where nearly home. ” The King smiled, “Well we are still a fair distance from Gistlidia, but we are closer to your mother brother and sisters.” he said.

As they sailed closer to the Eagle Island, they decided to dock there and pick up extra supplies for there voyage back to Gistlida with the Queen and their three children. The King paused as he couldn’t help feeling excited. He’d so missed his wife and Maye and couldn’t wait to get to know his new born baby.

As they pulled into the docks, something was wrong. There was another shipped docked at the Island. The King had visited the Eagle Island before. The Islanders where usually very friendly but this time it was as if they didn’t want any one docking there.

One of the dock men shouted ” Whats your business here?” Shallolah picked up on the atmosphere straight away. She shouted out loud “We’re just picking up supplies” – then being the minder bender she was spoke into his mind. “Whats wrong friend we are here we can help if your in trouble – Don’t speak out loud use your mind to tell me.”

We are in trouble he thought to himself. There’s a ship docked on the other side of the island and they have taken over our village and they are holding the women and children captive. The dock man then spoke out loud. ” You can’t dock here we don’t have any supplies for you. Be on your way”

Shallolah again spoke to his mind “We will drop anchor on the far side of the Island and we’re here to help.” – “Then we’ll be on our way then” she shout back to let others think they were not docking. Turning the ship around they left dock and she then spoke to the King, Bruandi and her crew explaining that the Island had been taken over and that the women and children were being kept captive.

They talked about what they would do to help. Once they were out of sight they dropped anchor and used the rowing boats to reach shore line. Splitting in to three groups. Shallolah had spoken to all of them using her mind. “I’ll keep you all updated, so there’s no surprises” – “Lets do this as swiftly as we can” said the King. “We need to be on our way”

As they reach the village Shallolah checked in with them all. ” What can you all see?” she asked them. “I can see that the village hall is heavily guarded and I guess that’s where they are holding the women and children.” said Shallolah.

Bruandi then said that he could see horses and cattle penned in on the other side of the hall. Tulata said “Lets distract them by setting the horses and sheep free then we can work our way though them one by one while you make your moves rescuing the women and children. Shallolah and the King both agreed with Tulata.

The sheep and horses were set free, it wasn’t long until the guards were all running around trying to round them up again. As planned Tulata and her group where in hiding and camouflaged and one by one they dispatcher with the guards.

The King and Shallolah where following their plans. As they approached the hall Shallolah used her powers to make the other guards fall in to a deep sleep. The King advanced towards the hall. On entering it he could see that the women and children had been separated. Some of the women had been stripped naked and the children where being kept separately and guarded by wolves. Speaking to Shallolah using his mind the King asked her to put the wolves to sleep. Once this was done one by one they started to rescue them.

Once again now free providing the hospitality that the island was famous for the ship was fully stocked Shallolah gathered everyone on board. She’d explained that she would circle the Island just to make sure that there was no more ships waiting to take over. She then explained that she would return to the Island in a short time just to check all was well.

With that they pulled anchor and were on their way. As they reached the other ship that the raiders had used and took over it. She sent on board enough of her crew to sail it. It was to become the Kings ship that he could sail his family home on although she wasn’t going to tell him that just yet.

That night as they sat down to eat they gave thanks to God for all they had and praised him. They asked for his guidance and blessing over the Islanders and the rest of their journey.

Next stop would be the Lula Island. By now everyone was tired the night crew had taken over. King Parucha and Salhuta retired to their cabins with thoughts of being reunited soon with there loved ones racing through their minds

Home soon with family

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