The Faithful returns to Lula Island

It was a very damp gray day and the fog was very dense. Shaloor was grateful to see the docks of the Lula Island. “We’ll dock here until this darn fog lifts he commanded the crew. It’ll be nice to see Nunnani and Maye.” Handing his first in command some gold coins he told him “Go find the local free house and pay for all the crew to have food.” He said he’d join them in a short while as he needed to go see his new friends.

Once the crew had left Shaloor took a small boat over to the small Island hoping to surprise Maye and Nunnani. By the time he reached the Island Maye was waiting and waving she was very excited to see him.

While they were on board the Faithful, Shaloor had become a father figure to her and she was very happy to see him. “I sensed you were here.” she shouted out to him. ” There’s no surprising you little one is there?” he replied jumping out of the boat. He picked Maye up and swung her around, ” I see you’ve grown since I last saw you young lady. Where’s Nunnani?” Maye smiled she could sense he really liked Nunnani. “Come she said, she’s at the house come meet my baby sister and the lord and Lady Viscum.”

Shaloor stopped dead in his tracks, “Did you just say Lord and Lady Viscum?” Maye smiled ” Yes we all live together in the little house.” Shaloor grabbed Mayes hand ” come on little lady. I hope and pray your’re right and that it is who I hope it to be?” Maye asked ” Do you know the Viscum’s?” – ” Yes, I do – I’ve been searching for my Lord ever since the Island was raided. Now your telling me that he and his wife are here.?” As the reached the little house Lord Viscum was just coming out of the House.

Shaloor saw him and recognised him straight away. ” Lord, Lord it is you?” Lord Viscum recognised Shaloor too. ” Well there’s a sight for sore eyes!” he cried. They both ran to greet each other. “I never thought I would see you again lord, Maye tells me that Lady Viscum is with you, does that mean Grace is here too.?” Yes, yes my good friend she is and the’re both well, come inside we have a lot to catch up on.”

It turns out that Shaloor was Lord Viscum’s oldest friend and that ever since the raid on the Eagle Island when everyone thought Lady Viscum and Grace had been killed he’d been searching for Lord Viscum.

“My good friend, you must return to the Island with us. We need you to return. Ever since you disappeared the Island has been raided so many times. They keep trying to take over, I’ve managed to protect it so far but we need our Lord and Lady to return. Lord Viscum was so happy to see his good friend.

After all the greetings and pleasantries were over Lord Viscum and Shaloor went for a long walk while Lady Viscum and Grace started to pack up all their belonging. It had been decided that they would return to the Eagle Island, It was time!

The small house had become very overcrowded, even though they loved the Island and the house it wasn’t really their home. They talked with the Queen, Lady Viscum had instructed her that when the King returned for them and they we’re to leave and that she wanted the house and the Island to belong to Nancy and Doctor Multan. She wanted to thank them for all their kindness and hard work. The Queen agreed. Lady Viscum handed to her all the deeds she had been given stating the Island belonged to her.

When Shaloor and Lord Viscum returned they packed all their belongings into the small boat. Saying their tearful goodbyes they returned to the Faithful ship. Lady Viscum and Grace stayed boarded on the ship while Shaloor and Lord Viscum went to surprise the ships crew. Every one was surprised and happy to see Lord Viscum that they all celebrated.

It was decided that as soon as the fog lifted they would set sail for home, the Eagle Island

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