The Doctors Missing

Back on Lula island, the people were all upset. They couldn’t find the doctor anywhere. The fishermen and other residents had been searching the island for over two weeks.

Lord Viscum, returned from the main Island with the news. The Queen had to think quickly. She asked Doctor Multan if she would go for a walk with her as she needed to ask her a great favour.

As they walked the Queen talked of all that had happened with the doctor and how she had avenged herself. She then asked her if she would step in and do the doctors work until she could think of a different solution. Without hesitation Doctor Multan agreed. She requested that the Queen had an examination, after all that abuse she needed to make sure all was well. The Queen agreed.

On return to the house the doctor examined the Queen, she found lots of internal bruising. She also broke the news that the Queen was with child. The Queen broke down in tears. ” What will I do?” she asked the doctor. The doctor hugged her and said “You’ll have to carry the child when the child is born you can decide what to do then.”

“Meanwhile, we need to deal with the problem at hand.” The doctor went downstairs and asked for some tea to be taken up to the Queen. She spoke with Lady Viscum and explained the situation. Lady Viscum understood. She then went to make tea and comforted the Queen. Doctor Multan asked Nancy to walk her over to the main Island and show her where the doctor’s clinic was.

Over on the main Island, Nancy and the doctor opened the clinic. The plan was to tell everyone that the doctor had decided to go on a trip and he’d sent for Doctor Multan to take over his clinic while he was away.

The news spread quickly around the Island and before she knew it her clinic was full. It took her a while to get through all the patients. Most of them were asking for pain relief. It seemed that the doctor had been handing out opiates and they had become addicted to them. She had her work cut out dealing with the problems this Charlatan doctor had caused.

She knew God had brought her here for this reason

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