The Doctors delay

It was a rainy day on Lula Island. Many of the residents were visiting the Doctor wanting the herbal medication he always provided when the rains hit. They were all indoors for long periods and it helped pass the time.

It also helps with their pain from old injuries so the doctors waiting room was full. In all the rush he had overlooked the time. he’d missed drugging the Queen.

The Queen starts to come around, feeling very groggy and feeling sore all over. She tries to make sense of where she is. Very quickly she realises that she is tied to a wooden board that’s a makeshift bed. She pulls and pulls with her hands. The Doctor in his arrogance neglected to tie her tightly. She soon freed her hands and then untied her feet. She couldn’t make sense of why she was there? Her survival instinct kicked in. She knew in her gut that she was in great danger.

There was a plank of wood laying on the floor. She placed up against the makeshift bed. Then stamped on it as hard as she could. A pointed piece of wood came off, she could use this as a weapon. She used the other part to start digging. The ground was sandy making it easy to dig with the wood.

The Queen was very weak, so the digging was hard on her arms. She never stopped until the hole was big enough. She then squeezed herself through. It was tight but she made it, ripping her ragged dress even more. She ran and ran as fast as she could without stopping. The rain was cleansing her filthy body, thoughts and images came flashing through her mind of the horrific things the doctor had subjected her to. She collapsed on the floor under a small tree. She crawled under the foliage needed to rest awhile and catch her breath. She was still under the influence of the drugs.

She must have fallen asleep. Waking up screaming as she remembered what the doctor had done to her. Looking around to see if anyone had heard her! She gripped the pointy piece of wood in her hand tighter just in case.

What did she need to do? What was her priority? Her mind was racing! Shaking from the cold and drug withdrawal she knew she needed to focus. Shaking her head, she took some deep breaths. I need to wash, find some clothes and shelter. She could hear what sounded like a small stream. She needed a drink her mouth was dry. She quickly assessed the environment and ran towards the sound of the water.

From what she could see, it looked like a clear flowing stream. She drank and washed her face, catching a glimpse of herself in the water. Her face was all swollen and bruised from the beatings the island Doctor had given her.

She started to cry, the tears hurt her face. “Lord! Help me find clothes and somewhere safe to sleep to rest away from danger!” A few moments later she heard a child’s voice. “Lady; do you need help? A little voice asked. ” Yes, oh please! Yes” cried the Queen.

Helping Hands

“Follow me then”. The Queen couldn’t see very well at all through her swollen eyes, she felt a little hand grab hers. It was a little girl. She must have been around the same age as her lost daughter Maye.

“Come my mother will help you. Our house isn’t far from here.” The Queen helpless and on the brink of collapse used every last bit of strength to walk to safety. The last thing she remembered was a lady wrapping a warm blanket around her, saying in a gentle voice. “you’re safe now.”

The little girl told her mother where she had found her and that she was praying for help. Her mother said, “She’s safe now. You can go to the doctor when the rain stops if needed”. She must be one of the survivors from that ship. The Queen could hear everything! Yet she had no strength left to speak

The little girl and her mother continued to care for her giving her water and sharing the small amount of food they had. After a few days of sleep, the Queen woke up she was feeling better. The little girl was sitting by her side. ” Hello,” she said to the Queen. “Hello, where am I?” “You’re safe now said the little girl.” The queen then sat up and said in terror!

“You haven’t told the doctor I’m here have you.” “No,” said the girl. “The rain hasn’t stopped yet we can’t reach the main Island.” – “Good,” said the Queen, “It’s him who has done this to me. He mustn’t know I’m here.” – ” It’s alright you are safe no one knows you’re here.” said the child’s mother. “I’ll warm some water and find you some clothes, you can wash and get out of those rags. Then maybe we can talk if you feel up to it?”

That would be lovely said the Queen. After washing and dressing, she felt so much better and stronger. The little girl was sent out to find more firewood and water for that evening. While she was out the Queen explained who she was and what the doctor had done to her. The lady wasn’t surprised as she knew the doctor. He wasn’t one of the nicest of people she ever met. He used his position and power to control the residents on the Island.

“Well, you have nothing to fear here your Majesty. No one from the main island comes over here,” she said. We have been shunned by the locals, you see we own this land and they don’t like that. We’re not really from around here, we inherited this place from the old man who lived here before he died. He took us in when we arrived on a slave ship 5 years ago, we keep ourselves to ourselves.

“So you’re from the Shalapoon Hey?” the lady asked “Yes and my husband The king will be returning for me soon.”The lady put her head down and went very quiet, ” What’s wrong my dear?” asked the Queen. “I have some very bad news for you, your majesty.” “What? what is it?” – ” The Shalapoon has sunk and as far as I know, there were no survivors.”

The Queen felt like her whole world had just come to an end! She had no words, she couldn’t even imagine her life without her family. She was numb! “Are you sure? No one survived?”

“I can’t say for certain. I’m only going on what I’ve heard. The fishing boats have been out bringing wreckage back all week” We can ask around quietly as not to raise suspicions. I do know the Doctor will be looking for you that’s for sure.

We know a few nice people over there. We’ll not mention you as we don’t trust any of them. The Queen fell to the ground crying in disbelief.

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