The Artist & Story

My name is Willow
It’s not really – It’s Faith but let’s pretend

This story is set in Medieval times with a twist

All the characters are fictitious (you know who you are)

Gilstlida is a country, Under King and Queen Parucha. They have two children (twins) Salhuta & Maye. Their Kingdom is built on whaling. Yet their children know nothing about it and have become very distant from their people. The King decides while in a drunken state that the whole family need to re-connect with their people and learn about real life.

So they set off on an adventure with Captain Bell. On his whaling ship the Shalapoon. There adventure is one of love, betrail, faith and self discovery before the King returns to his Kingdom.

This is a story and a series of NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain that you can collect and trade.

About Faith Grace

Faith Grace

Faith grew up in Grimethorpe , South Yorkshire in the 70’s and graduated at Barnsley Art College in the 90’s.

She moved to Northumberland where she enjoyed painting big sky scenes on canvas with oils and acrylics.

Returning to Yorkshire years later she continues with her art and sculpting.

Faith enjoys telling stories, her paintings say a thousand words. Writting Gilstlidia has given her the opportunity to collaborate both story telling and art work in one.

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