Survival kicks in

The Shelter

The King and Bruandi devise a plan. Bruandi would dig and build the shelter with Salhuta while the King finds firewood, food and fresh water. They all keep themselves busy.

” Bruandi, do you think anyone else has survived?”. Bruandi, looked at him with much pain in his eyes; saying ” I’m sure, some have. We can build a big enough shelter for others to share.” This gave the Prince hope. He started to work harder. Deep down he was praying, hoping his sister was still alive. He couldn’t bear the thought of really losing her. It hurt too much. He wiped his eyes. They were full of tears and he couldn’t see!

He didn’t want Bruandi thinking he was crying! “Come on, this shelter won’t build itself.” The Prince quickly pulled himself together and got back to work. “Well, Salhuta, it’s not a palace like you’re used to but it will keep us dry and out of the wind.

Sometime later his father returned with firewood, coconut shells filled with water and a few small birds. “Sorry said the King this is all I could find.” – “Then we have a banquet,” said Bruandi. He took the firewood and kindling and pulled out of his pocket two stones. Placing the kindling on the sand he struck the stones together. It made a spark. Then there was fire! “Wow! I’ve never seen such a thing” cried the Prince. “That’s amazing!” The King and Bruandi smile at each other. “You’re going to learn so much more than that my son,” said the King.

The fire was warm and the birds were cooking. They smelt wonderful. They were all very hungry. The King gave his son a drink of water. After they had eaten Salhuta fell asleep. The King and Bruandi took turns to keep watch.

The morning came and the King woke the Prince. For the first few seconds, he thought they were back at the palace and all was well. Then the harsh reality hit him once again and his heart sunk. “Morning son,” his father said. “Come eat and drink; today were searching for survivors. We’ll all stay together, that way when we find them we can carry them back here. The Prince again prayed that he would find his sister. He knew they didn’t always get along. But he loved her. He was scared he’d never see her again. That grieved him.

As they walked along the beach they could see lots of wreckage from the ship. They started by shouting out. “Is there anyone here?”. Again and again they shouted while turning over huge pieces of the wrecked ship that was washed onto the shore. “Father!” shouted Salhuta, “I can see a hand!”.

The King and Bruandi ran over lifting the wreckage. There under it was Tulata The Brave. Bruandi listened for a heartbeat! She was breathing but very weak. They carried her back to the shelter. After showing the Prince how to care for her they went back out looking for others. They found plenty dead. They laid them all out on the beach to bury later.

The King spotted a body floating over a barrel in the water. ” Bruandi! Here.” – He was hoping it was going to be his lost baby girl. They both raced to the barrel! The King was disappointed. It wasn’t Maye, but he was happy to see his servant Kalama the wise. They carried her back to the shelter.

By now Tulata was awake. She was weak but asking questions. Brunandi filled her in on what had happened and they were still looking for survivors. She tried to get up. “I want to help”, she said.

Her vision was blurred and she needed to rest. The King said “NO”. “Tulata you need to rest. We’ll keep looking. There’s not much light left for today and we need to find firewood, food and more clean water.

Tulata calapsed with exhaustion. Hoping to see another day

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Music: Nowhere land | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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