So light up the fire!

King Parucha was on the lookout, “a ship” he shouted waking everyone up. “light up the fire!”

Two days before the King and Bruandi had spoken about making a beacon that they could light to attract a passing ship.

They scouted the island looking for as much wood as they could find. Splitting into groups. Salhuta and his father covered the beaches. Tulata and Kalama went downstream and Bruandi went off by himself into the wood hills. He needed some time to himself.

After a few hours of collecting as much wood as possible, they all met in the small rocky cove. The King was very impressed with how much wood they had found. Laying the wood down Bruandi and the King started to build the beacon while the others collected green leaves and grass and anything else that would make smoke.

While building the beacon all the green material was stuffed into the gaps. It was thirsty work! Tulata went to collect some water and fruit for them to eat. After stopping for a short break they all got back to work. This beacon was to be big. They all went out collecting and adding to it over a few days.

When it was finished the King fell to his knees and prayed “Heavenly father! Bless this beacon. Help the right ship to see its flames and smoke so we can be saved. If not then we’re stuck here for good! I’m not sure as to where we are and I don’t know the route home. We are at your mercy. Help us please or we’ll die here. “

That night as they sat eating their supper. Bruandi mentioned that for the last few nights he’d had flashbacks of when they were floating in the sea after the Shalapoon had sank! He looked at Salhuta and said, “can you remember being hit by something very big?” “Yes! I can but can’t remember anything after that!” , said Salhuta.

Tulata said, “I remember being swallowed up by a great blackness before you found us.” – “Yes,” said Bruandi. “I think that great blackness was a whale! a huge one! And I think it has carried us many many miles away from where the ship sank. That’s why we don’t know where we are. Think about it your majesty we have found our way home using the stars many times. This time we don’t even recognise the constellations.”

“Well, it wouldn’t surprise me.” said the King. “God is in charge and were all at his mercy.” -” Lord you have brought us here, it’s your plan for a reason. So you will be done.”

Then with that the King said goodnight and went to the lookout for the night. Everyone settled to sleep

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Music: gooa nott | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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