Sneaky Fools

It was a very cold night, the moon was bright in the sky. It had a frosty glow all around it meaning there would be a frost. Everyone on Eagle Island had settled for the night.

Down by the dock two ships quietly docked. They were full of warriors seeking to avenge the gang who had been killed by Shaloor and his men. What they didn’t know is that Shaloor wasn’t a fool. He knew they would be coming and had lookouts all over the Island plus lots of hidden traps. After all, he grew up with a huntsman for a father. His father had taught him all about catching and trapping animals.

Shaloor used this knowledge to set traps for the warriors. It wasn’t long before they were spotted and signals were being sent all over the Island. The signal was the sound of an eagle calling her young. If you didn’t know your bird sounds you would just assume it was an eagle.

The warriors were in such a hurry that they walked straight into the traps. Ten of them fell into the large bear pit and three of them were speared through their abdomens. In haste to avoid the traps six of the men ran into a net trap and were hanging clumped up over a huge pit of pointed spears. That left around fifteen men who were all now spilt up feeling confused and a little intimidated.

They had seriously underestimated their enemy. They found themselves in long marsh grass that was razor sharp. If they were to find their way out, they would have had to light a torch. They didn’t want to give away their location so continued through the grass. Now the Islanders had them exactly where they wanted them. One by one they picked them off. The warriors didn’t even know where they were coming from. Within two hours after their arrival on the Island, they had now been reduced to only three.

The three remaining warriors finally reached the other side of the marshes and upon climbing out they found themselves covered in leeches sucking the blood right out of them. Whilst they were distracted trying their best to get the leeches off, the Islanders surrounded them and picked them off with their bows and arrows just leaving one who they captured. Tying him up they lead him back toward the village taking him into an old barn they took turns keeping watch. A message was sent to Shaloor, that they had all been captured or killed.

Shaloor settled back into bed stating that he would deal with them in the morning. Snuggling back down by the side of his wife she rolled over and cuddled him oblivious as to what had happened.

Early the next morning Shaloor went down by the docks to inspect the boats that had docked the previous night. A few of his men set free some women prisoners found tied up on makeshift beds.

Shaloor being the gentleman he was stated they could stay on the Island as residents. He would find them accommodation, reassuring them they were safe now and no one would hurt them anymore. Most of them weren’t much older than his daughter.

They all agreed to stay. Shaloor gave them food clean clothes and a temporary place to sleep in. He sent out word to the Islanders that there were young ladies who needed places to stay. Within a few hours, all of them had been placed with families who would take care of them.

Shaloor then had his men bring before him those who had been captured all in all there were seven who were still alive. Kneeling before him, they all looked in a sorry state. Shaloor laughed as hard as he could. “What did you think? You could sneak onto my Island and I would have not known or been prepared?”

“You Stupid foolish men. Now, look at you!” -” What should I do with you all, that’s the question? If I release you, you’ll only come back with others. What I need to do is send a message far and wide that the Eagle Island is off bounds to anyone who isn’t invited.” he said. “

“So you have two choices. Number one, I can sell you all as slaves and number two I remove your heads and place them on your ships and set them out to sea! I’ll give you time to talk it over and be back after I’ve eaten my breakfast.” With that, he left.

Shaloor returned to his house. It was a very cold morning. “Good morning my love, how are you this cold morning?” He asked his wife. ” I good darling, you were out very early this morning. Is there anything wrong?” Shaloor looked at her and smiled. ” No my love, just a little business down by the docks. Nothing to worry your beautiful head about.” She smiled back ” Oh that’s good my love, come eat your breakfast before it gets cold.” Pouring a hot cup of tea Shaloor sat and eat breakfast with his wife.

After Breakfast, Shaloor wrapped himself up warm kissed his wife and said he’d be back in a few hours. “My love just some more business down by the docks,” he shouted as he left. Carrying his sword he was ready to behead these men as he didn’t think they would want to be sold as slaves.

“So then what’s it to be slave or dead?” Five of them stated that under no circumstances would they be slaves. So without even a second thought there and then he chopped off their heads.

“Just two of you left,” he shouted as he wiped his bloody sword. “So is it, slaves, for the two of you then?” he asked ” – “Yes, Yes” they cried.

He signalled for his men to take them to the brig on his ship the Faithful. He told them they would stay there until he set sail once again. They would then be sold as slaves.

Shaloor returned his sword to it’s sheath and then returned home to his wife. As he walked he sang a song of praise to God for protecting him and his family from evil

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Music: Nordur Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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