Basood went upon the deck. Although the sun had been shining the sea fret was coming in and it was very dense. You could hardly see in front of your face. Basood went to see the captain and explained that she was leaving the ship to collect medical supplies.

He informed her they would be leaving port at noon. She went to find the clinic. On the way she asked one of the locals to help as the fret was now inland too. When she arrived at the clinic it was just opening and there was a queue outside. Basood stood in line. One by one they took their seats in the waiting area. Vio was sitting at her desk booking everyone in.

When it was Basoods turn. Vio looked up and saw it was her sister. She stood there in amazement, both their eyes filled with tears of Joy. Vio jumped up, she couldn’t believe her eyes ” Basood, she cried, well, what a sight for sore eyes you are. What are you doing here?” Basood just hugged her sister. “I can’t believe it, I was only thinking of you last night. I found my pendant and I wished I could see you and here you are!”

Everyone was looking at them and smiling. ” Why are you here? How long are you staying?” said Vio. She had so many questions. ” I’m here to collect medical supplies we leave port at noon.” Vio was still in shock. “Can’t you stay any longer, I’ve not seen you in so long. There is so much we need to catch up on?” Basood hugged her tightly. Sorry sis the captain says we leave at noon.” Vio was so happy to see her sister. “Come, let’s go see the doctor and get you your supplies”

They both went in to see Dr. Multan. Vio introduced her and explained that it was her sister and that she was seeking medical supplies as she would be leaving port that afternoon. The doctor gathered together all the supplies she needed. She then relieved Vio of her duties for the day so she could catch up with her sister.

With that Vio and Basood went off. Firstly they returned the supplies to the ship and then went for a walk around the Island. Vio confided in her sister about everything that had happened and how she felt sad about the mistakes she’d made and that she felt she didn’t belong here. Basood listened and then Hugged her for the longest time.

“You know you could always come and help me on the ship. I need some help, we would have all the time in the world to catch up then.” said Basood

“Vio didn’t have to think twice “Yes, Yes I would love that. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a friendly face. I’m coming with you.” With that Vio and her sister went back to the clinic. Vio collected all her belongings and wrote a note for the doctor. Explaining that she resigned from her post and she was going to be with her sister. They left for the ship as it was nearly noon.

Back on board, Basood talked with the captain and he agreed she could come on board to be her help. He said she would have to share her quarters with her sister as there was no other room for her. Basood was over the moon and showed Vio to their room.

Before they knew it the ship was leaving the docks and Vio and Basood were together again. They were starting a new adventure, sisters together forever

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