Shaloor’s return to Eagle Island

On a cold morning as the sea was calm and the mist was icy Shaloor arrived back at Eagle Island. As they docked all the families were waiting and the merchants too. He gave out the orders that all cargo was to be off-loaded then his crew could go be with family. The crew worked extra hard as they were eager to see their loved ones.

A few hours passed and they were finished. Shaloor had been sorting out the crew’s wages. They all lined up waiting to be paid before going back to their families. Their wages from this trip were much more thanks to Maye.

Shaloor did one final check on board then left his ship docked and he finally went home. His wife and children weren’t expecting him. They were cooking food and baking a lovely fruit pie. His children clung to his neck and legs. “Daddy you’re home.”

He walks to his armchair with his bag and the children. They’re excited to see what gifts he’s brought them back this time. Opening up his bag he tells them to close their eyes. A beautiful doll for his daughter and a small shiny sword for his son.

Just then in walks his wife. She runs to him and throws her arms around him. Giving him the biggest welcome home kiss. ” Well,” he says ” I can see I’ve been missed. “Daddy your always missed,” said the children. Shaloor looks at his wife. He can tell she’s putting on a brave face and that she’s hiding some pain.

Giving the children a big kiss and a hug he tells them to go play with their new toys. His wife sat down and burst into tears. “What’s Wrong my love, why are you crying.”I don’t know where to start. I’m so glad you are back. There’s been this awful gang of men in the village who have been terrorising us all for the last month. They have been demanding all our food and have been raping the women.” Shaloor stood up taking out his sword. ” Where are they now? I’m going to collect my crew.”

He opened the door and outside she could see some of his his crew in the market place. “They’ll be in the free house that’s where they get drunk” cried his wife . Shaloor the shut the door and ventured into the street to round up a few crew members.

They made a plan there and then all seven of them went to the free house . A couple went in the back way, and Shaloor and the remaining of his best men went through the front door.

Inside were five men who were very drunk sitting in front of the fire. “Get us some more ale, or we’ll rape you all one by one.” the large one shouted whilst the others laughed. Before they stopped laughing and another word come out of their mouths Shaloor and his men had them at sword point. The laughs turned to anger as they were marched out the door and in the cold morning.

The men were stripped of all their clothes and made to walk into the freezing sea or be killed. They stood and watched as one by one they slowly died of hypothermia. The dead bodies were pulled to the shore and left there. The eagles and the vultures would soon start eating them.

His wife had been watching and she wanted to make sure that they were all dead. “Is that all of them my love? “Yes I think so.” she cried. Shaloor walked home with his family and so did all the others. That night they ate and drank while singing sea shanties.

Once again there was the sound of happiness on Eagle Island. Shaloor knew in his heart that there would be repercussions from killing those men. For now, he was going to enjoy being with his family.

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Music: Through the mist| Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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