Shaloor sets sail

A week had passed and no more warriors came to the Island seeking revenge. Shaloor decided that it was time for him to set out on a trading journey once again. Winter was fast approaching and he wanted to collect the Island’s winter supplies.

Four weeks he told his wife as he started to pack his things for the journey. His wife was scared that if the Island was raided again, what would she do? Shaloor could see the worry on her face. “Don’t worry my love I’m not taking the full crew with me this time, I’ve asked five of them to stay with you all and protect the island,” he said. He looked at his children and warned them not to go playing down by the marshland as there were many traps set ready to catch any raiders.

Once his bags were packed he gave his wife and kids a huge hug, they all said a prayer praying for God’s protection over them all. Then he walked with his son to the docks. “Now then my Lad, you’re the man of the house until I return. Here’s a dagger, you may use it to hunt and to protect yourself, your mother and your sister. Take great care, my son.” He ruffled his hair and they said goodbye. Shaloor boarded the Faithful and within half an hour the anchor was pulled and they were back at sea.

Shaloor did an inspection of his ship making sure everything was in good working order and then took his place at the ship’s wheel. “Arrr, it’s so good to be back at sea. Being on land is great but my body is at its best on the ocean. Free as an eagle.”

As night fell Shaloor could see a storm forming in the direction they were heading so they dropped the sails and battened down the hatches. “We stay here and ride it out the only essential crew on deck and everyone else below decks. I want, hot soup warm blankets and crew rotation every two hours. This storm looks like a beauty. I’ll be on the first watch.” said Shaloor. The crew did what they were told. There were enough of them to rotate three shifts which meant they had four hours in the warmth and only two hours in the cold and wet. The cook prepares a big pan of stew. They were ready for the storm.

The crew on the Faithful had seen many a storm, somewhere the waves were hundreds of feet high, rain and hale like you’ve never seen. It felt like it was slicing your skin off. Once the ship was completely rolled over. The crew talked about it for months after that feeling of hanging upside down as they held on for dear life. It must have only been a few minutes but it felt like an age. Oh, the stories and memories were being shared and some of the new crew were scared although they didn’t dare admit it to anyone.

First, the wind started, then the Rain. This storm felt different the rain was horizontal. Hitting the side of the ship it sounded like gunfire. The crew were ready and waiting for any wholes they had the materials ready to patch them up. within ten minutes the first whole was patched half an hour later two more wholes. Up on deck, it was very hard to see the was cutting through them. the captain gave the order forever one to go below deck and they couldn’t do anything. The mast was dropped and locked in place. They all went below decks. after drying off and having some stew. Captain Shaloor put the newest members of the crew on prayer duty. ” Pray and pray to our Lord God almighty until this storm stops and we are safe. Were in his hands now” The captain then joined the other and help bail out water and patch the wholes.

The storm raged for several hours and then everything went still. No wind, no rain, no thunder and lightning. Nothing but stillness. Hurrah, they all shouted it’s over. Shaloor looked at those praying, “Don’t stop now we don’t know for sure. I’ll go on deck and look.” He opened the hatch and all around him were swirling winds, it looked as though they were in the middle of the storm and the worse was yet to come.

Quickly he shut the hatch and went back down to report. The crew who were praying started praying harder and louder. Then the storm hit a second time. It was as though time itself had stopped. Shaloor looked around and everyone had frozen except him. How could this be he asked himself? He’d never seen anything like this in his entire life. Within minutes there was a bang and time started again. Yet everything was calm, Shaloor went upon deck again and the sun was shining and there was no sign of the storm. He was very confused about what had just happened. The crew were asking the same question but none of them had any answers.

Shaloor commanded them to return to duty ” We can work out what happened later, let’s get this ship back up and running we have a journey to get on with.”

With that, the crew got back to work. Shaloor looked up towards heaven and thanked God for saving them

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