Shallolah’s Christmas Gift

It was Christmas eve. King and Queen Parucha had arranged to go to the main Island and meet up with Shallolah and the rest of the crew. They wanted to share a meal and give thanks to Shallolah for all her help. The King was also secretly hoping that he could convince her to take them back to Gistlidia for the New year.

They all met at the tavern. Doc Multan had arranged for a banquet to be repaired. There was a hog roasting on the spit and the whole room was filled with the most amazing smells. Wine, beer and cider was flowing and the atmosphere was very festive. Some of the crew were playing their flutes and fiddles others were singing.

The King and Queen took their places at the head of the table. It had been a long time since they were treat as King and Queen. As the music played drinks were served. The King gave thanks to the lord and every one started to eat sharing stories both good and bad. As there was no children present the stories were very graphic and no feelings or details left out. There in that room on the cold Christmas eve, tears were shed, bravery was recognised and mistakes were forgiven. The room was filled with the Lords spirit and every one in the room felt their burdens were lifted.

As time swiftly passed the celebrations came to an end. Shallolah approached the King and Queen. ” Your majesty, we have one final gift for you before we leave tomorrow. If you would care to follow us to the docks”. The king and Queen looked at her saying. ” But we don’t have any thing to give you! ” Shallolah smiled, then said ” You’ve given me more than you know. Just being part of your adventure, making good long lasting friendships is more than you’ll ever know. Please come, I want to bless you one more time.

They walked down to the docks singing Christmas carols mixed up with sea shanties, laughing they called them Christmas shanties. As they walked onto the docks, the King could see a ship with its sails down and on the side it said Faith. Shallolah bowed before them

” Merry Christmas, we want you to have this ship. You now have your way home.” The Queen cried and hugged her, “How will we ever thank you for all your kindness?”

“Your majesty after everything you’ve been through you deserve it. Please except my gift.” The Queen, whispered “Thank you.” Then said aloud ” Yes we accept.”

With that they boarded the ship Faith. She was a fine vessel and had been scrubbed clean. It was the ship they had taken from the raiders on Eagle Island. The King stood at the helm and prayed that the Lord would bless his ship and grant them safe passage home.

“Come now its time for us to part said Shallolah, you must return to your children and we must prepare or ship for our long journey home.”

She Gave the command for one of her crew to use a rowing boat to take the king and Queen back to the small Island so they could pack their things and be ready to depart for Gistlidia as soon as was possible

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Music: God rest ye merry gentlemen by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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