Search Party

The ships that had left Gistlidia looking for the royal family were not doing very well. So far they had encountered Pirates, visited an island of cannibals escaping by the skin of their teeth and almost sunk during a storm.

The morale on board was very low. They needed some good news. Yet that’s not what they got. The fog was coming in and they were heading for a rocky part of the ocean. “Drop anchor shouted the captain – we’re not going anywhere in this fog.” So the search was off until it had passed. Meanwhile, Queen Astra’s search party were being sent on a while goose chase. Many islands they visited just gave out false information as they just wanted the goods that were being offered for it. So neither search party were getting anywhere.

Taleem the puzzler was working hard trying her best to work out where the tides may have carried them. What they needed was some good information as to where the Shalapoon sank. The weather was becoming very cold and the captain was concerned they’d had sailed too far north. He was going to turn the ship around when the fog had lifted.

To the far side of the ship, they noticed a small rowing boat with what looked like two dead bodies in it. A rescue boat was sent to investigate. The two men were in fact still alive but only just. “They must have been adrift for weeks. Bringing them on board they gave them water and beds to rest on.” said the captain. They couldn’t talk but written on the side of their rowing boat it said The Shalapoon.

They would care for the men and question them when they felt better. Meanwhile, the search would be continued. Woozle the fire starter was very busy keeping the fires on the ship going. The damp cold air wasn’t helping at all. Mala was busy too playing and singing to the crew to keep the morale up.

This new find had boosted them all and a small celebration was called for. Singing and dancing. A time to rest and be merry

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Music: Folkvangr | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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