Room for one more

After Nancy had gathered together all her personal and precious belongings, Lord Viscum walked with her over to the small Island. As they walked over, a sea fret came in keeping them out of sight from all prying eyes, especially the Doctors. Lord Viscum didn’t like that man at all.

As they reached the Island, little Gracie ran over to them. “Daddy, I’ve missed you,” she said whilst throwing her arms around him. Nancy looked at him. “I’ll explain all when we’re inside” he replied.

By now the fret was thick and you couldn’t see the main island. The Small houses lights were on and the fire was in, she could smell the smoke. “Are you sure I’ll be welcome here? I don’t want to impose” said Nancy. “Nancy you’re now Family, you and Drew helped me when no one else would. It’s my turn to care for you now.”

Feeling like her whole world had been turned upside down and still full of grief she didn’t have anything she could offer them. “Thank you for your kindness,” she replied. On entering the house Nancy was greeted with love and joy. They made her feel so welcome. She felt overwhelmed and started to cry. Lord Viscums wife and the Queen carried her things to her room. “You’ll sleep in here this is your own space. Your safe now,” they said.

Nancy full of grief fell onto the bed and cried and cried until she fell asleep. Lord Viscum, his wife and the Queen sat around the table. The fire was roaring as they talked over what had happened. They too came to the same conclusion suspecting the doctor of foul play.

Lord Viscum went on to say “She feels that now her husband has gone she has nothing to offer, she has very little money and she doesn’t own her home. I told her she could live here with us. I hope that is alright?”

His wife looked at him, “of course, my love that is fine. Does that also mean that you’ll be staying over here too?” she said. “Yes, I guess it does my love and it’s a good job we have three bedrooms. It just looks like Gracie is moving into our room now,” said Lord Viscum. The Queen spoke up “Gracie could move in with me, I’m sure you two need some privacy and time alone.” They both looked at her and said at the same time. “If that’s ok with you?” – “I would love to share with the Queen” squealed Gracie. “I’m going to get my things now!”

“Hang on Gracie, Nancy has just settled to sleep we’ll move them later. Just now I need you to take your father to check the crab baskets and collect some water and firewood.” – “OK mother, come on father. I’ll show you.” With that, they went out into the cold fog. They held each other’s hands. Gracie loved showing her father all the new skills she had learnt.

They must have been out a few hours collecting water and pulling up the crab baskets. Lord Viscum said “Gracie you take the crabs back and I’ll go chop some firewood. I’ll bring the water too.” With that, she disappeared. He could hear her beautiful little voice singing back to the house. He then heard the door close.

He sat quietly for a while on the chopping block and said a prayer thanking the Lord for all His blessings and asking for protection over everyone. Just as he was praying a small dove came and landed on the axe handle. He looked up seeing the dove, bringing a tear to his eye. He looked up saying. “Thank you for bringing me to this Island and for keeping me alive. You do know better than I do.” The Dove then flew away.

Lord Viscum picked up the axe and chopped the wood then carried it and the water back to the house. His wife, daughter and the Queen were all in the kitchen singing and laughing while preparing food.

He stocked up the firewood. Then removed his boots and sat by the fire. It was the first time in many years he felt happy, truly happy!

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Music: Greenlands | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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