Reunited at last

Since Maye had made contact with her father and brother she was out watching from sunrise to sunset for the ship they were on. Nancy had been over to the main Island and informed Tavern owners that the King was to be arriving in the next few days and the Queen would like them to be ready to celebrate their arrival.

As time went by the minuets seemed like hours and the hours felt like days. Maye could feel her excitement growing. The Queen had come out to sit with her. Looking out to sea they spotted what looked like two ships approaching. Maye jumped up and down. ” Do you suppose that’s them mother?” she shouted. “It could well be Maye, lets go collect Faith and make our way to the docks.” A few hours later the Queen and Maye arrived at the docks. The ships were getting very close now. There were definitely two ships.

The Queen asked Maye to connect with her father. Maye tried and tried but she was too excited and couldn’t concentrate. ” I can’t mother” she said. “Never mind we’ll find out soon enough” replied the Queen. She could feel butterflies in her stomach as the ships pulled into port. She could see Salhuta and her husband the King on deck. Yhey were waving and shouting “We’re here, we’re here.” By now most of the Islanders were out as the news had spread like wild fire. The docks were very busy.

The Queen and Maye were stood waving as the ships docked. The King and Salhuta ran into the arms of the Queen and Maye.

The King held them all so tight he never thought this day would come. Tears flowed with emotions of joy as he hugged and kissed them. Together again and what tails they all had to tell. They all stood there just holding onto each other. The crowd were cheering with excitement for the Queen, it had been the longest year for her.

“Come, come you must be famished. There is food for you all at the Tavern. We’ll stay there until the tide goes out and we can cross over to the small Island.” The King smiled “Lead the way my love, you look even more beautiful than I remember.” Salhuta and Maye never stopped chatting, walking together holding hands. There was no way they were ever going to be separated again.

At the Tavern, they consumed lots of food and drink. The King introduced Shallolah to his family giving her much praise. “We wouldn’t be here with out her.” he proclaimed.

Maye and Shallolah hit it off straight way. Maye wanted to know all about her gift and how she could help her develop her own gift. A lot of their conversation was done in silence from mind to mind, so no one else could hear them.

There were so many stories being told. As the King sat by his wife’s side with his new daughter he felt like the happiest man alive. Looking up to heaven he thanked the Lord for this moment. Looking around he knew they’d all been changed by this adventure and for the better. He couldn’t wait to return to Gistlidia. Oh to be so near yet still so far away. How would he return his family back there?

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Music by LiteSaturation from Pixabay
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