Reading Thoughts

Nunnani had noticed that Maye was laughing and staring at people a lot since she woke up. “Is everything OK Maye?” – “Yes, why do you ask?” Maye said staring at a man in the street while giggling. “You just keep staring at people and either laughing or looking disgusted!”

“Well Nunnani some people have the funniest thoughts and some are just, well, let’s say I wouldn’t want to repeat what they’re thinking!” Laughed Maye. Let me get this correct. You’re reading other peoples thoughts? “Yes,” I’ve been doing it since I woke up. I even think I’ve spoken to Salhuta while he was asleep. I think he’d been injured, but he’s ok now.” said Maye.

“Maye this is amazing. Why didn’t you say anything before now?” said Nunnani. “I wasn’t sure of what was happening and it was all new. Now I can do it without even thinking. I can just hear thoughts.” proclaimed Maye.

“You said you’ve spoken to Salhuta, that’s beyond just reading thoughts Maye! That’s connecting with others minds.” Nunnani looked at her very excited. “Maye, let’s find somewhere quiet and we can practice.” – “Quiet?” said Maye “don’t we need to be around people to practice?” she said looking confused.

“No Maye, your gift is much more than just reading others minds. I’ve seen this before after comas.” – While you’ve been awake within your mind, you’ve had access to new areas within it. Now that you’re awake those areas are still active!” -“Come on, we have work to do!”

They walked out of the village and up into the hills finding a lovely warm sunny position near a trickling stream. “Maye lay down and relax,” Nunnani asked. “Try to see your mother’s face. See her in your mind.”

Maye giggled feeling silly. “Come on Maye -Please focus.” – “Your mothers face. Can you see it? “Yes, I can see her hair blowing in the wind!” Maye said smiling. “Good, good. Now say hello mother to her in your mind!” Maye tried very hard but felt silly. Giggling, she heard her mothers voice say “Maye is that you?” Then the connection was gone.

Maye sat up and said “I did it. I saw her. She heard me!” – “Well done Maye.” said Nunnani. “What a great start. Do you want to try again?” – “Yes! I want to see her again.” – “OK, so this time concentrate on telling her you are alive and well and that you’re with me and we’re looking for her. Ask her where she is,” said Nunanni to Maye.

Maye lay still whilst listening to the breeze and stream. It brought back memories of her mother on a picnic. This helped her focus on her face. Seeing her smile and kind eyes Maye shouted out “Mother, it’s me, it’s Maye, I’m alive and with Nunnani. We’re looking for you. Where are you?” “I’m in the Lula Island where you left me, Maye. Where are you?” Then the connection between them again was gone.

Maye sat up crying. “I want my mother,” she said. ” she was so close!” – Nunnani cuddled her as she cried. “I know this is hard my sweet Maye. Did your mother tell you where she was?” looking up at Nunnani Maye said, ” Yes she’s on the Lula Island where we left her!” Nunnani hugged her tightly “Maye my child you’re amazing. Well done, you have worked hard.” -“We now should head for the Lula Island”

They walked back into the village and down toward the Docks, “Now Maye, I need you to find me a captain of a ship that’s going past or even to those Islands. As they walked there was a ship just pulled in port the captain was shouting out “Come on you scallies, we need to unload this cargo and leave the port by noon if we want to reach Lula Island by the end of the week.”

They looked at each other and laughed. Well, that’s that one solved. Now we need to convince him to take us.

“We don’t have much money,” said Maye. “No, but what we do have is someone who can convince him that these two stones are real gold,” Nunnani replied smiling at Maye. Talking to the captain Nunnani asked him if they could board on ship as far as Lula Island.

The Captain looked at them both, “For the right price. Yes, I’ll take you anywhere.” Maye took out the two stones and then concentrated on them. We only have these two small pieces of gold sir!”

The captain looked down at Maye’s hand. “For those, little miss. You can have My cabin! Welcome onboard The Faithful. She’s a fine vessel and I’ll make sure you’re looked after well.”

Looking up in the sky he said, “We leave at noon.” The captain then ordered one of his crew to show them to his cabin smiling as he placed the two stones in his pocket. “Well done Maye,” said Nunnani. “you’re fast learning.” Maye looked up at her and smiled as they settled into the cabin.

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