Queen Parucha

Queen Parucha was born on the Island of Corneil. Her mother was Queen Astra. Her kingdom was ruled by great and powerful women. The men on the Island were to serve and father children. Queen Paruchas’s father was a great protector of both the Queen and Princess.

She loved her father dearly and admired his gentle yet strong character. The Island was full of beautiful trees. Maples, ash, oak, and many birches. Corneil’s fortune had been made on building boats.

As a young girl, the princess was encouraged to train hard as a warrior. She could use a sword like she was born with it. She was a most excellent horse rider too. After all, she was trained by the best Tulata The brave. Tulata was her mother’s greatest warrior.

By the age of 15, she was as good if not better than any warrior she fought. The princess was ready to marry at the age of 18.

Many Princes came from far and wide to show off their skills and bounty. Yet none of them suited her. The Princess had grown into a fine warrior and most of the princes were scared of her

She wanted someone who was better than her with a sword. She wanted to feel safe and protected by a kind and wise man, not a knucklehead.

One day a ship pulled into port. The captain was disciplining a crewmate who had caused a brawl over a bottle of rum. The Captain looked fine in his uniform with long dark hair tied at the back. His frame was muscular. His eyes were as blue as the ocean.

The princess was quite taken by him. She was eager to see how he would deal with the situation. She stopped out of sight and listened.

“Who did the rum belong to he asked the sailor?”. “It was mine, I found it!”. “You found it hey?” stated the Captain. “Well if you found it then it wasn’t yours and you had not paid for it. You took what belonged to someone else. You only own something if you have paid for it or have been given it!” said the Captain.

“So my fine young man you neither owned it nor was given it. So it is not yours.” He then went on to say. “With this in mind, you owe your fellow sailor a bottle of Rum. Here is a silver coin. Go buy a bottle then give it back.” – He paused then said, “Now you owe me a day’s wages which will be deducted from your pay.”

The young Princess was impressed even before she was introduced to him. Afterward, she met him formally at a dinner dance the Queen had arranged. The captain was in fact a fine Prince from the Island of Gistlidia. Their eyes met over the dinner table. They both fell in love with each other.

They shared many things in common talking for hours and hours. About the world and the adventures they would go on and places they would explore together. The Prince also matched her skills as a warrior. Which pleased her very much.

All this happened in the spring before her 19th birthday. By the end of summer, they were married. The Prince and Princess then left Corneil to go live at the palace on the Island of Gistlidia where the Prince’s parents King and Queen Parucha loved having a new daughter-in-law.

The Princesses mother Queen Astra had sent Tulata The brave before her daughter was to arrive at Gistlidia. Tulata was to serve under the King and Queen in their new home.

After fighting many battles together the King and Queen Parucha were killed at sea. A pirate vessel had boarded during the night setting fire to their ship as they slept.

There was a great time of mourning on the Island. The King and Queen were loved by their people. After this time the young Prince and Princess had their coronation and became King and Queen of Gistlidia

About a year later the Queen was pregnant with their first child. She gave birth to a boy. They were over the moon and called him Salhuta. Then 3 years later they had a daughter who they called Maye.

The Queen took to motherhood like a duck to water. Her children were everything to her. She thought she knew love until she had her children. Then she learned what unconditional love was.

She taught them well and gave them everything they needed. She did spoil them a little too much to the point they became detached from the people.

The King arranged for them to go on the whaling trip. Helping them learn all about real life outside the palace gates would hopefully help to rebuild the bond with the people of Gistlidia.

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Music: The lone wolf | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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