Pea soup day

Vio – The mistress

During the night the King was woken up by the sound of banging on his door. He dressed and left his cabin bumping into Bruandi who was also heading to the deck.

Fog was coming in thick and fast it was going to be a long day ahead. “Drop anchor we are not going any where until this fog disappears” commanded the King.

The ship came to a stand still. It creaked and groaned as the waves tossed it back and forth. There were many sailors tales about ghosts that would appear to ships lost within the fog. The King ordered his crew to sing sea shanties as they went about their business so that if any other ships were passing the would hear them; and not run into them.

By the time the Queen and the children woke up the fog was so thick you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. The King ordered them to stay below decks as it was too dangerous to be up there. Maye reported to the kitchen. She wanted to learn. Vio had made a good impression on her and she enjoyed being around her.

“Good Morning Vio, what jobs do you have for me today”. Vio was pleased to see her new friend, “Good morning precious” she replied. Today were going to make stew, with bread and for afters stewed plums and apples with cooks special biscuits

“Why are they special Vio?” said Maye. “Well they are only for grown up’s Maye, you and your brother can’t eat these”. Maye looked confused, she didn’t understand but didn’t really question Vio. “What can I do to help.” she asked “Have you ever used a cleaver to chop?.” “No Vio she replied. “. “Well then that’s your job for today. Then you can peel vegetables just like yesterday. We’ll make your arms big and strong.”

Maye loved working in the kitchen it made her feel happy and safe. The smell of food cooking and the warmth of the ovens. She could hear the crew on deck singing and it all felt good. Maye, worked really hard and finished in plenty of time. Cook told her to take a break while she made the biscuits. Maye really needed a break so quite happily sat down near the log burner, listening and singing along to the sea shanties; while drinking and eating yesterdays bread and jam.

Meanwhile the Queen wasn’t having such a good time. She was feeling quite ill. The motion sickness and being stuck in her cabin wasn’t doing her any good! She decided that she needed some fresh air. She’d been cooped up too long, so off she went up on deck but couldn’t see a thing.

She was trying to be quiet as she knew the King would be cross if he heard her on deck. She could hear two people talking so she stood still and listened.

“Well what do you think about this Bruandi taking over as first mate?” said one of the voices, then another voice said ” yeah we need to be more careful Bruandi it an excellent map reader, lets hope he doesn’t see”

The queen sneezed. The voices went quiet.

Because of the fog she couldn’t see their faces nor could they see her. Moving as quietly as she could below deck again her mind was racing. Whose voices were they and what don’t they want Bruandi to see in the maps?

The Queen was now cold from being on deck so. she sent for some warm tea from the kitchen. It was Maye who brought her the tea. “Oh Maye my little Angel, I’ve missed you, please stay with me for a while and have some tea” she asked stroking her face. ” Sorry mother, I’m working and needed back in the kitchen. Cook said that the tea was just for you.” The queen looked at her daughter, she looked so grown up. She kissed her gently on the cheek and said “off you go then my little worker”. Maye closed the cabin door behind her and hurried back to the kitchen. The Queen drank her tea and then fell asleep.

When it was time for the evening meal Maye was eager to serve her family once again. Vio gave her permission to do so. Her mother never came for dinner and so one of the servants was sent to see what was wrong. She returned saying the Queen was sleeping. Maye served her father, Salhuta and Bruandi; whilst Vio pulled up a seat between the King and Queens vacant chair and ate with them.

Everyone enjoyed the evening. Again the children fell asleep listening to their father and Bruandi telling stories. Vio had served her stewed fruit with her special biscuits. The ship felt a more content place with everyone singing and telling stories.

One by one everyone retired to bed except the King and Vio

She looked at the King with lust in her eyes; then locked the room door. “So my lover it’s just you and me!”

” then indeed bring your beautiful body over here” the King said. She laughed and did exactly what she was told – well he was the King after all!

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Music: Through the mist | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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