Onboard the Faithful

Maye and Nunnani had been on board the Faithful for around three days. It wasn’t going to be long until they reached Lula Island. Maye woke up in the middle of the night, shouting “Nunnani, Pirates there are pirates going to board the ship – we need to warn the captain!”

Nunnani quickly went to find the captain. He returned to his cabin to see Maye. “Now then young lady what’s all this about? He said. Maye explained her ability and that she had sensed pirates, she’d heard their thoughts of boarding his ship and taking it over then capturing them as slaves. “Well, I’ll not be having that,” said the captain, “no pirates will be taking over my ship.” With that, he calls his crew to meet in the mess to have a meeting with Maye and Nunnani.

Maye told them all about what they were thinking and how they were going to board the ship. A plan was made. They would all hide on deck in wait for the Pirates. Mayes warning bought them around 30 minutes. Everyone was in place and waiting. The ship looked like everyone was sleeping. The anchor had been dropped and the ship was silent. The pirates boarded the ship thinking all their birthdays had come at once. There was around 10 of them. “Easy pickings this one I think,” one of them said. “Hmmm somethings not right.” said another. “Quiet, you’ll wake the crew” whispered one with the eye patch.

When the captain saw that they were all boarded, he gave the signal and before the pirates knew it they were overcome by the Faithful’s crew. They were bound gagged and sent to the brig where they would remain until they reached the next island. They would be put on trial and probably sold as slaves. Their vessel was seized and manned by some of the Faithful’s crew.

The captain called Maye and Nunnani ” Well thanks to you young lady, we still have a ship and all our goods. We have in fact gained a ship and all their bounty – well done.!”

“Are you sure you want to leave us at the Lula island? I could sure do with you onboard my ship” laughed the captain. “Fine work, fine work indeed. For all your help you can have your two pieces of gold back and first dibs on any loot on board the pirate ship.”

“Thank you sir that is very kind of you” replied Maye.” – “One of my crew will take you onboard, once it’s been made safe.” said the captain.

When Maye and Nunnani boarded the pirate ship, Maye whispered to her that she could hear two other peoples thoughts. “Can you ask what are they saying?” said Nunnani. “Oh please help us!” replied Maye.

Nunnani quickly asked the crew where the brig would be. The crew took them down by the crew quarters and there in the corner were two cages!

Maye got a little nearer to them and she shouted “I thought I knew their voices, Nunnani it’s Vio and Doctor Multan!” – “Quickly, come help us free these two people. These two are what I choose as my reward”

The crew ran over and looked at them. “Are you sure little lady, the ship has many fine and valuable things? You’re choosing to free these two? “Yes, Yes, these two were on the shalapoon that sank, they are my father’s servants.” -“Please can I choose them?” – ” The captain said you have the first choice, so if that’s your choice that’s fine by us.”

Vio and Doc Multan were freed and taken on board the Faithful. “Who are these?” the captain asked. Maye explained who they were.

The captain ordered that they were given hot water and that two clean beds were made up in his cabin so they could join Maye and Nunanni. Food was to be prepared for them and clean clothes.

Maye and Nunnanni help Vio and Multan to their cabin. They were tired, hungry and very smelly.

Once they had bathed they all sat around a fine table and had a small banquet. Maye and Nunnani explained what had happened to them and how they were on their way to Lula Island to meet her mother. Vio and Multan stayed awake long enough to just finish their food. they then crawled into the clean dry beds and slept.

Maye and Nunnanni looked at each other. “Well, I guess we can catch up tomorrow. God bless.” With that, they too climbed into their bed and went to sleep

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Music: Highland song | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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