Nunnani, where am I?

Maye is up and running around she is very much healed and is wanting to know where she is. Where her family are and how did Nunnani save her? She was also hungry and thirsty. “Alright alright” laughed Nunnani, “one thing at a time. Let’s make food and we can talk as we eat.” Maye decided she’d like ham and cheese with a cup of milk.

Nunnani returned with them. “Where are you getting all this food from?” ” Now that’s a very good question, Maye! Well, maybe it’s time you found out!” Maye, Was looking and listening intently. She was a very intelligent girl, her mind was open to many things.

“You know how I rescued you from the water?” “Yes!” – “well, we are in your subconscious mind. All this you see around you is in your head!”

“In my head? Then how can I be eating and drinking? Why does it all look so real?”

“Well, you see my child. As you know I’m a spiritual being. I can exist in the real living world, as well as here in your subconscious mind.” Maye didn’t quite understand. “So, I’m not here and this is all in my head? Then where am I really? she asked.

“You know the beautiful voice you keep hearing?”- “Yes!, I can hear it now,” say Maye nodding her head. “Well, that’s one of my good friends. She lives in a convent. She is the one looking after you. You’re in what they call a coma! Your body is now well and ready to wake up in the real world.”

“When I wake up will all my family be there?” She asked looking at Nunnani for reassurance. ” No, Maye. Your family are scattered all over. Remember you were shipwrecked.

I know that they’re alive, for I’ve not seen them in the spirit realm. What I’m not sure of, is where they are” replied Nunnani.

“Then how will I find them, who will help me find them?” – “I will Maye. God has permitted me to stay with you until your family are reunited.” “Are you ready to wake up now?” asked Nunnani. “Can I have some time to talk with the Lord please Nunnani?” “Of course, take as much time as you like.”

Maye Looks around, she then prays. ” Lord, I feel scared, I’ve never been without my mother, father. I know my brother and I don’t get along, but I do miss him. Please lord, walk with me? I know Nunnani will care for me and I do like her, I just trust you more.”

“Please, please help me find my family. I pray that they’re not hurting or scared and that they have someone who loves them close by. I Love you, Lord. Thank you for listening.”

Maye then felt a warm caring presence around her, she then heard a voice. “I love you too Maye! Fear not, I will never leave you nor forsake you. My precious Daughter.”

She then felt a hand holding hers. It was Nunnani’s. looking down at her. Nunnani said “ready.” “Yes, I’m ready” she replied. “Then open your eyes!” Maye gently opened her little eyes. The first thing she saw was the most beautiful lady singing by the side of her bed.

“Hello, Little Maye. I’m so happy to see you open your eyes,” she said smiling. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” said Maye. “I’ve been listening to your singing for weeks now. I’m so glad to finally meet you.”

Looking around Maye asked, “Where is Nunnani?” Just then Nunnani’s voice came from the other side of the room. “I’m here Maye don’t be afraid!” Maye then sat up and smiled

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Music: vopna | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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