Near and Far

Maye was downstairs with her mother, it was getting late and everyone was sitting by the fire singing and telling stories. The Queen was heavily pregnant and only had about a month to go. Maye was tired and so she kissed her mother and went up to bed. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep. In her sleeping state, she started to think about her Father and Salhuta she longed to see them.

Then falling into a deep sleep. She could feel the motion of a moving ship. She woke up and found herself on a ship. Panicking she looked around thinking that she’d been taken maybe by pirates or raiders. She wasn’t tied, blindfolded or gagged. Where was she and why was she on a ship?

She decided to investigate. Leaving the cabin she walked down a short corridor when she heard a voice she recognised. Then who should come out of the door? But her father King Parucha, ” Father she cried, when did you arrive, does mother know you’re here? How come I’m on the ship and not in my bed?”

The King looked at her very confused, “What are you talking about we’re on the Faithful on our way to your mother and Maye, you know this what’s wrong with you?” Maye squealed with excitement at that point she worked out that she had actually entered Salhuta’s mind and she was seeing through his eyes. ” Father it me it’s Maye, I’m here in Salhuta’s body” She flung herself at her father and hugged him for the longest time.

The King knew with the way she hugged him that it was his Maye. He’d not felt a hug like that for ages. Looking at her he asked “Maye how is this possible and how are you here?” – “I’m not sure Father, all I know is I went to sleep thinking of you and Salhuta and then I was here. Where is Salhuta?”

The king then walked her to a mirror and she could see that in fact, she was Salhuta. “How can this be Maye?” asked the King. Maye thought for a while “Maybe it’s my new abilities Father. Do you remember how I connected with you before maybe it’s progressed now and I can actually take over someone’s mind?”

“Anyway it’s happened and I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed my Maye.” said King Parucha. Again he hugged her tightly. Taking her to see the captain he explained to Maye that the captain had similar abilities and maybe she’d be able to shed some light on what’s happened.

The captain was on deck and she knew that Maye was present even before they were introduced. Maye heard her in her head. “Hello Maye, I’m captain Shallolah, welcome on board my ship! How long will you be staying for?” Maye spoke back to her mind ” – “I’m not sure, I don’t understand how I’m here! I’ve been able to connect with my father’s mind before but not for long. This time it seems I’ve taken over my brother’s body. I’m not sure if Salhuta is still here or if he’s where I should be, do you know?”

“Maye your mind is using many different parts that normal people don’t use, it seems that your abilities are getting stronger. I am like you, my mind works like yours. I’ve been like it from birth. I can help you understand and use your abilities!” Maye smiled, holding her father’s hand she said ” I understand now father, I’m here as Salhuta whilst he is sleeping and I’ve been able to take over his mind. When he wakes up I’ll wake up and be back with my mother on Lula Island.

The king said “Then there’s no time to waste come we’ll have some food and drink and we can catch up on how you all are and what’s been happening. Tell me how’s your mother?” In that instant, Salhuta woke u. “Father, where am I, why am I not in my bunk? Why are you asking me about my mother, how do I know, I’ve not seen her since we left here on the Lula island?”

The king’s face dropped, “Oh Salhuta, you’ve woken up. Maye was here she took over your mind and I was just taking her for food. Now she’s gone!”

Salhuta felt very sorry for his father. “I’m sorry father take me back to my bunk and I’ll go back to sleep. Maybe she’ll come back.” The king started to laugh “What, why are you laughing” asked Salhuta. “Well” said the King “We have the strangest conversations these days Salhuta and we don’t even bat an eyelid at them. If we had spoken like this on Gistlidia we would have thought we were mad. Yet now it’s the norm. Come on son let’s settle you back to sleep, I would love your sister to come back again, let’s hope it happens again soon before the baby is born.” With that, they walked slowly back to his cabin.

Maye woke up and she shouted out, her mother woke up “Maye what’s wrong?”

“Oh mother she said I was in Salhuta’s mind and I took over his body, I was talking with dad and this captain Shalolah whose ship they are on. She said my abilities are getting stronger and she can help me understand them better. I was just about to go eat with my father and I woke up.”

Maye hugged her Mother and sobbed! ” Never mind said the Queen am sure if your abilities are getting stronger you’ll be able to connect with him again really soon” Both Maye and her mother fell back asleep cuddling one another after. Saying a prayer for the King and Salhuta’s safe passage to Lula Island

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