Mind Bender

The King woke up after the first night in a real bed for a long time. He jumped up out of bed and started to put on his shoes. He’d slept in his clothes. Going up on deck he found the captain. She was handing out the orders for the day.

“Good morning” she shouted. “Did you sleep well, your majesty?” – “As well as I could” he replied with a smile. ” When you have some free time can we talk?” The Captain looked at him ” Yes! give me one hour then I’ll explain everything.” The King nodded his head and with that he went to find his son and the others.

Once they had all found each other they made their way to the mess as they were all very hungry. Sitting around the table they talked about the captain and their journey home. The King explained that while he was in his cabin the captain had somehow spoken to his mind telling him all was well and that they are safe, she also said she was going to help them find their family.

“How did she do that father,” asked Salhuta “Do you think she can read minds,” I think she can” replied the King. “We need to be careful what we’re thinking around her!” -“Father, I thought she said she was going to help us. So why do we have to be careful around her?” The king looked at his son saying “Just because we don’t really know her yet son.”

At the same time, Salhuta heard the captains voice in his head “Don’t be afraid Salhuta, I’m not going to hurt you and your father. You’re safe on board my ship.” Salhuta spoke out loud, “I’m not afraid of you, I’m afraid we’ll be hit by another whale!” Everyone looked at him. “Who are you talking to?” Salhuta looked embarrassed. “The captain she’s just spoken to me.” Looking at him ” She’s not even here,” said Bruandi. “No she spoke to my mind” he replied. “This is going to take some getting used to. I’m afraid to even think anything now” said Bruandi.

The captain came into the mess “Good morning to you all. I see you all have questions for me.” – “Well let’s start with the main questions you all have.” – “Yes, I can read minds. No, I won’t always be reading your thoughts so no need to fear that. Yes, you’re very safe on board my ship. Salhuta, no whale will wreck my ship I can hear them and communicate with them too.” – “You’ll find there are many things I can do. Our minds are amazing. We only use a small part of them. I discovered from an early age my mind was very different from others. For some reason, parts of my brain are more active than yours and that’s why I have these abilities”.

Salhuta Spoke up. “My sister Maye has spoken to my mind just like you have. She must have the ability also.” She looked at him again speaking to his mind, I know she has, I can communicate with her too. I see your mother and Maye they are together. Along with Vio and Multan.” Salhuta smiled at her. She gave him a reassuring look. Then turned her gaze to the king she said “Come we have lots to talk about.” With that, they left for her cabin.

Salhuta really liked the captain he felt safe in her presence. Just as she was leaving she said again to his mind. ” You can be my first mate, I know your father had you doing this, I would love to teach you. Meet me on board at twelve hundred hours and we’ll start your training.” “Yes, Captain” he replied out loud. Again everyone looked at him. “Sorry, he said I’m going to be the captain’s first mate, she’s going to train me her way”.

Bruandi’s mind was racing. What’s all this about he thought? Just then he heard the captain say to him. “I know you’re loyal to the King. I see you’re a kind and faithful man. Don’t worry you’re safe. This journey is going to bring you joy and happiness. I know you haven’t felt for a long time.

” Bruandi smiled ” Thank you!” and with that, they finished breakfast. After eating they all arranged to meet in the mess for supper and talk about their day

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Music: Towards the horizon | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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