Maye’s on her way

Queen Parucha, seems very excited about something. “You’re in a very good mood today your majesty,” said Gracie. “Yes, I am. Don’t ask me how I know I just do. My Maye has somehow contacted me. She and Nunanni are on their way here to the Lula Island!”

Gracie asked, “when will she arrive?” – “I’m not sure” replied the Queen. Now she’d said it out loud it sounded insane! Was she going mad? Shaking her head. She knew in her heart that her daughter was on her way. She needed to step things up. She didn’t want that awful doctor getting his hands on her.

Downstairs Nancy was awake. Lord Viscum and his wife were still in bed. “Nancy, my good friend,” said the Queen. “I have a great favour to ask you.” – “Yes” replied Nancy. “I want you to go over to the main Island and start talking to the fishermen wives, telling them that you’ve heard a rumour that the Queen has been seen on the far side of the island near the big rock.”

“Why do you want me to do that?” The Queen looked at her and said with great authority “Nancy please don’t question me. I don’t want to involve you any more than that.” -” Just do as I asked please.” “Consider it done. I’ll go right after I finish my tea.”

Nancy put on her coat and headscarf. It would take her a few hours to walk over to the Island and back. Maybe even more as the wives will want to invite her for tea and find out how she was.

Once Nancy had gone, the Queen took the sword from above the fire. She went out to train. By now she was as good as she ever was with the sword. She trained just outside the house so she could see Nancy walking across to the main Island. When Nancy had crossed she knew it wouldn’t be long before the Doctor found out where she was.

Taking the sword she started to run across to the main island. This time she knew where she was going and she wasn’t returning without getting her vengeance, for what he’d done to her and Nancy. As she was running over she was planning what she would say and how she’d kill him. She had killed many times before but this time it was different. It was personal.

She still couldn’t remember all the horrific things he had subjected her to. She did just keep having flashbacks and they were awful. This time it was going to be different! She was in control and not under the influence of any drugs.

Over on the Island, Nancy was telling as many people as possible about the Queen, many of the wives she told couldn’t wait to tell others. Before she knew it the whole Island knew. In the Doctors clinic, it was a hot topic! “What’s all the excitement today?” the doctor asked. “Well we’ve heard that the Queen is out and about, she’s been seen at the far end of the Island. Is this true, is she up and about?” said one of the clinic patients.

The doctor trying not to look surprised. replied, “Oh yes! She was up and out early this morning.” “Where did you say she had been seen? ” said the doctor. “By the far side of the Island near the big rock” – “Wow!” he said she’s walked a fair way since breakfast. She must be feeling better.”- “I’ll catch up with her later.” He then called his first patient in.

The Doctor raced through his clinic. He closed at half-day leaving in search of the Queen. He’d got his drugged darts ready to knock her out. He would then hide her until nightfall. It was a good hike to the big rock. He needed to pace himself if he was to have the strength to move her body.

By now Lord Viscum and his wife were up. Gracie had told them everything. She had heard the Queen and Nancy talking. Lord Viscum knew she was seeking her revenge. He knew that the doctor was very sly and the Queen would rush in when she saw him. Putting on his overcoat, he said to Gracie. “Are you sure, it was the big rock she was going to?” – “Yes father, that’s what she said!” With that, he was gone. Gracie was upset because she thought she’d got the Queen into trouble. Her mother explained that she’d done the right thing as the Queen needed help.

The Doc had reached the big rock by now and was searching for the Queen. ” Where are you? ” he whispered to himself. As he reached down to his pocket he felt a sharp metal object by his right ear. “Take your hands and put them where I can see them! ” -” Your Majesty! I’ve found you!” he said. Trying to act all innocent.

“Don’t talk to me that way. You monster!” – With that she kicked him down the steep banking. “get down there!” she shouted, “and keep those hands where I can see them.” Once they were out of sight. she made him remove his clothes throwing them as far away as possible.

“Now you evil man, tell me why you drugged, beat and Raped me?” The doctor said nothing he just smiled. She could see he was becoming aroused by it all. With a swift swing of the sword,” She’d cut off his penis. Screaming! he fell to the ground.

“Not so clever now are you? You can only drug and hurt people! You don’t deserve any mercy. How many others have you hurt? Well! you’ll hurt no one ever again.” With that comment, she plunged her sword into his stomach and lifted it upwards. Looking into his eyes she said, “You messed with the wrong person this time”. Pulling out her sword she wiped it on the grass then booted him off the big rock into the sea. Looking down she could see him bobbling in the water.

Just then Lord Viscum come up behind her, she turned with such a ferocious look on her face he didn’t recognise her. ” It’s me your Majesty, Lord Viscum!” She fell to the ground crying. “He’s gone she said, I’ve killed him.” He looked over the edge and could see him floating in the water.

“Come on we need to get you back before anyone notices you. Hopefully, by the time he’s found, they’ll think he fell,” said Lord Viscum. “What the hell were you thinking coming over here alone, he could have drugged you again?”

“I didn’t think of that I just wanted to rid this Island of him. And I have. Plus I have this to remind me he’s dead.” With that, she held up his penis. Lord Viscum wanted to be angry at her, but couldn’t he smiled and with a loud Laugh he said “Well I can’t say as I blame you. He had it coming. Let’s just say I’m glad you’re on our side.”

He placed his coat around her and they walked back over to their Island without being seen

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