Maye receives exciting news

Maye wakes early, it’s a Saturday and she wants to surprise her mother, Nancy and the Nanny with breakfast. She wraps up warm and grabs the fishing rod. Earlier on in the week found a small cave with the most amazing fishing pool on the far side of the Island. Leaving a little note for her mother just in case any thing happened and she hadn’t returned before she woke up., she set off.

And out the door she went closing it very quietly. As she turned around the sun was just rising in the distance and there was a frost. As the sun caught the frosty ground every where twinkled like little diamonds. It was so beautiful. Maye was in her element. As she ran she prayed and thanked the Lord for such a beautiful morning. Singing his praises she continued towards the cave pool.

When she arrived the tide hadn’t gone out enough so she sat on the grass covered rocks and looked out to sea. As she gazed at the sea her father and Salhuta came to mind. I know she thought. I’ll see if i can connect with them. Maye thought very hard about them both and sure enough she connected very easily. “Good morning Father and Salhuta, it’s me Maye. I’m sat here looking out to sea and just wanted to talk with you. I miss you greatly and wondered how close you are to the Lula islands?” It was the King who replied. “Good Morning Maye it’s so good to hear your angelic voice, we miss you greatly too. According to our coordinates we are a few days away, but that all depends on the winds and tides. If we continue with the wind as it is two days max and we’ll be at Lula Island. I can’t wait to see you. Salhuta is here.”

Maye then switched to her brother. She was so excited by the news she cried and told her brother she loved him greatly and couldn’t wait to see him. “We have so much to catch up on. I never thought I would miss you so much.” Salhuta was putting on a brave face, but inside he was just as excited as Maye. “Be strong Maye we’ll be with you in a few days, I’ve missed you too and can’t wait to tell you about all our adventures.” Maye told him all about his new sister and that she was just about to go fishing as she wanted to surprise everyone before they woke up. She then said “When you arrive I’ll take you fishing and you can see the cave for yourself.” – ” I cant wait” Salhuta replied and with that they said goodbye as they all needed to start their days work. The connection was broken.

Maye felt a little sad, but excited at the news. By now the tide was out and she could enter the cave safely. She collected her rod and went fishing. As she entered the cave the sun was just catching the water and it sparkled like liquid gold. She could see the fish in their hundreds just under the water. She didn;t need the rod. All she had to do was place her hands in and she would catch one. Maye crouched down quietly and placed both hands in and called to the fish with her mind. Before she knew it there were 2 fish, one in each hand. Maye lifted them out of the water and bashed them against the rocks to kill them. They were big enough to feed them all and so she gave thanks for them and ran all the way back to the house.

cooking fish

Nancy was awake and she helped Maye prepare the fish and cook them. The Queen woke to the lovely smell of fish cooking. Nancy continued to set up the breakfast table and Maye ran upstairs to wake her mother and tell her all the good news.

For the rest of the day the house was filled with excitement and anticipation about the Kings arrival. Many time during the day they all prayed together for the safe passage of the king and Salhuta.

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