Maye Questions Vio

It was late one evening and Maye is relaxing by the fire. Vio comes in and they strike up a conversation about being on the Shalapoon. Vio doesn’t know that Maye has this new ability to read minds.

During their conversation, Maye reads Vio’s mind. Vio was thinking “I hope the Queen never finds out it was me who poisoned her and that’s why she was left on this Island.” Maye immediately Blurted out, “Why did you poison my mother what has she ever done to you?”

Vio jumped up and said “Why would I poison the Queen? ” Maye was very angry, “I heard your thoughts and you just thought you hoped the Queen never finds out you poisoned her.”

Nunnani walked in at that point. “what’s going on?” she asked. “Maye has just accused me of poisoning the Queen” replied Vio. Nunnani looked at Maye and simply said “Maye you can’t go around reading people’s thoughts.” At this point, Vio knew she was in trouble and confessed all to Maye and Nunnani. She told them of the relationship she was having with the King and how through jealousy she had tried to poison the queen.

She looked at Maye and Maye could she was genuinely sorry. Maye spoke to her mind saying “I thought you were a kind caring person, I now know your not. My mother has done nothing to you and you made her very ill because you wanted my dad to yourself.” A thought then ran through Vio’s head that if she hadn’t done that then the Queen may not be alive now.

Maye looked at her. “So now your thinking you saved my mother?” Nunnani took over the conversation at this point. “Maye, stop reading people’s thoughts. You have to learn to control yourself. I’ll deal with Vio. You can trust that this matter will be dealt with.”

“Please don’t say anything to the Queen, she had enough to deal with and I don’t think knowing the King cheated on her will help anyone. Can you please keep it to yourself?” Maye looked up at Nunnani and nodded her head. She looked at Vio and without one word walked away.

Once Maye had gone, Nunnani, dealt swiftly with Vio. “Do you realize just how much trouble you’ll be in if the Queen finds out what you have done?” – “If I was you, I would pack what little belongings you have and leave this island now and never come close to the Royal Family again. You should be ashamed of your actions. To come and stay in the same house with the woman you tried to poison. Plus then thinking that you actually saved her.”

“Do you know what the Queen has endured because of your actions? Well, let me tell you. The doctor she was left with drugged, beat and raped her time and time again until she managed to escape. She’s now having to deal with the fact that she’s carrying his child. So don’t you dare think you saved her. Go now get your belongings and leave.” said Nunnani.

Vio burst into tears. “I’m sorry I didn’t realise what my actions caused. Please don’t make me leave. I’ll do anything.” Nunnani looked at her and told her to go stay with the doctor on the main Island until she could talk with Maye further on the matter. Vio at once went and collected her belongings and left for the main island.

As Nunnani turned around she saw Maye hadn’t left the room that she had just hidden. She’d heard everything and was sobbing. “I didn’t know all that had happened to my mother” said Maye. Nunnani hugged her tightly “Maye my dear, I’m sorry you overheard all that. Your mother needs your strength and help now – not you seeking revenge. We’ll talk about this again when you’ve calmed down and are thinking irrationally.”-” Now go show your mother how much you love her. She going to need your help.” – ” And Maye, don’t go reading her mind.”

Maye wiped her tears and ran upstairs to find her mother. She hugged her so tightly. ” What’s all this about?” asked the Queen. ” Nothing mother I’m just so happy you’re alright and were together again” “Me too” she replied.

Laying on the bed they laughed and enjoyed each others company. Maye tried very hard not to read her mother’s mind. She’s learned an important lesson that day. Sometimes it’s better not to know!

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