Maye makes contact

After all the excitement of finding out that the Queen is carrying the King’s child, Maye was feeling very low. She was missing her brother and father very much. She wasn’t eating and the Queen was concerned for her daughter.

“Maye my dear, shall we go for a walk and a picnic today? I feel we need to spend some quality time and talk through some things.” Maye didn’t really want to, but for her mother’s sake she agreed. ” yes mother, that would be good” She then asked if Nunnani could come too. “There is something I want to try and she’s very good at helping me focus.” said Maye. The Queen was a little taken back by this but agreed anyway. “Of course my dear, it would be nice for Nunnani to come along.”

The Queen asked Maye to go if Nunnani wanted to come along. As Maye approached her Nunnani turned and smiled. “Hello Maye, I’ve been waiting for you. I know what you want me to do. But you know you can do this by yourself. You just have to focus on your father.” Maye looked down at her feet and said “I know I could, but with my mother being there I feel you will help me stay focused. I need you Nunnani.” Lifting her head to look at her, Nunnani smiled again then hugged her, “then it would be my pleasure.” Maye ran to tell her mother and they started to prepare the food and gather together all the things they would need for a comfortable picnic.

It was around noon. The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze gently blowing. Maye, her mother and Nunnani made their way to the small cove. The tide was on its way out and so they knew they had plenty of time on the beach. They set up the blankets and food. Maye wanted to go explore a little before eating. This gave the Queen and Nunnani time to chat.

“Nunnani,” the Queen said “I haven’t yet thanked you properly for being with my daughter and returning her to me safely. I wanted to ask you about that time, now seems like the perfect opportunity. Can you please fill me in on what happened?”

Nunnani started to explain how she is more than just an earthly spiritual person, that she can in fact enter into the spirit realm. “When Maye was unconscious under the water, I found her. I was directed by God to go save Maye. I then took her to my good friends at the convent and there we helped Maye while she was in a coma. I entered into Mayes unconscious mind and helped her find her way back while her body healed from the injuries she sustained during the shipwreck.”

The Queen was very tearful at this point. “I’m so grateful to you and God for bringing my daughter back safe. I know she’s different now, she’s very grown-up and this new ability just blows my mind. Will she always have this ability to read minds?” the queen asked wiping her tears away. ” I’m not sure, Maye does seem to have taken to her new ability very well. It could be that in time it becomes less and less or it could be that it becomes greater and maybe she’ll do what I do and reach into the spiritual realms. We’ll have to wait and see on that one your Majesty.”

Maye came running back over she’d caught a crab and thought it was the most amazing thing. Right there at that moment the Queen once again saw her little girl full of excitement. All felt good and happy, it was one of those perfect moments. They sat and ate and drank laughing and giving thanks to God for this time together.

After a while Maye looked at her mother and Nunnani “I want to try and make contact with Father, I want to see him and know that he’s alright, I want to tell him we’re together and that you’re having a baby.” The queen looked at Nunnani and they both nodded in agreement. They settled Maye down on the blanket.

Nunnani spoke very calmly “Maye close your eyes and focus on your father see his face. Concentrate on a time you were very happy and see him in your mind” Maye remembered when they were all sitting around the table eating the meal she’d made for them on the Shalapoon. “Now say hello father,” said Nunnani.

Maye could then see him standing on a ship looking out to sea. She could smell the wood and hear the crew talking and singing. In her mind she said “Hello father”, to her amazement he replied, “Maye is that you?” “Yes, Yes father it’s me, I’m talking to your mind. Are you safe? I’m with my mother and we have some good news.” Her father replied “Maye my beautiful daughter yes I’m safe. We’re on a ship making our way back to you, where are you? What is your good news?”

Maye replied “That’s great news father, we miss you greatly, we are still at the Lula Island we’ll wait here for you. The good news is that mother having a baby, it’s a little girl.” The King jumped for joy. “That’s great news that you have given me. I love you, tell mother I love her and miss her too. We’ll get there when we can.” With that the connection was broken.

Maye came around and told her mother and Nunnani everything. “Maye my dearest you are amazing, you’re so gifted. This is great news, it’s time to celebrate and give thanks to the Lord that we are all safe and well.” They held each other’s hands and prayed. Giving thanks and asking the Lord to help bring them back together soon. Maye then ran to take the crab back to the water just like the little girl she still was. While looking out to sea she said ” Thank you Lord for my new ability, help me to use it to help others and do your will in this world of darkness. As Nunnani helped me, let me help others. Amen.”

A ray of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone upon her and she felt a warm and peaceful presence all around her

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