Looks like we’re going whaling!

The King was silent for quite a while. The Queen was hoping he was thinking of a way out of this whole drunken arrangement. He then Looked up at his wife and said. “Well, it looks like we’re off whaling. We will inform the Children at breakfast!”

By the way he looked at her she knew he was serious and still a bit drunk. But without a second thought, the Queen set to work. “Which people will we be taking with us, my dear?” The king’s mind was working hard as he reeled off a list he wanted on the trip.

The plotters – I will require maps we used on my old ship. We also need Multan the Doctor, Tulata the brave, Kalama the wise one, Japooli the jester, Nunnani the righteous one. The Queen summoned all the people required and informed them to pack quickly as they were leaving after breakfast. She then called her lady in waiting to pack the Royal belongings. She informed the housekeeper that they’ll be away for two weeks at the very least.

After dressing the Queen joined her husband and children in the dining room. “Good morning mother Good morning Father,” said Salhuta and Maye. “Children your father has something he wants to tell you! ”

“Children we are off on an adventure of a lifetime – I’ve decided that we all need to have a taste of the world again – we’ve become too distant from our people and our land. So we’re off on a learning adventure with my old friend Captain Bell.”

His daughter looked horrified, his son looked pleased ” what! ” they both said at the same time. “no way!” The King stood up and said with a stern voice, I’ve decided – your things are being packed as we speak

After breakfast we’ll meet Captain Bell on his ship

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Music: /adventure | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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