Learning how to fish

Good morning Salhuta said his father. It’s time to rise and shine. We’re off fishing today. I fancy some nice fish to eat. “Father, I don’t know how to fish.” – “You will by the end of today” shouted Bruandi.

“Come on lazy bones let’s go,” said the King. With that Salhuta was up and raring to go. He loved all this time he was spending with his father and Bruandi. He was learning so much. “How will we catch any fish father we don’t have any nets?” – “You’ll see soon,” said his father. They walked for what seemed like an age. Salhuta’s legs were aching. Then just before them appeared a beautiful lagoon. It was so clear you could see the fish swimming around. It was so warm and the water was calm. Can we swim father, please can we swim?” – “Later maybe son. For now, it’s time to fish” said the King.

Bruandi was carrying some long spears. The King handed one to Salhuta then said “Watch and learn. It’s your turn next.” He walked into the water and stood very still with his arm raised and the spear pointing ready to strike.

“Shush,” he said. They all held their breath and waited. Salhuta in all the excitement shouted out “There’s one father.” Bruandi nudged him “sshhh!” the King aimed and just missed. Again he stood still this time Bruandi was standing with his spear in another part of the water. The King shouted, “Whoever catches the least has to gut them.”

Bruandi Laughed “You’re on,” he said. Salhuta didn’t want to miss out on the competition so up he jumped and into the water. He’d seen his father do it. It couldn’t be that hard! All of them were concentrating. Who would catch the first? Just then Salhuta shouted, “I’ve got one, I did it!” The King shouted for joy. “Beginners luck,” said Bruandi. They all laughed. Who would catch the most? Salhuta didn’t fancy gutting them as it sounded disgusting.

A few hours had passed and they had all caught plenty of fish. It’s time said the King to see who’s won. Salhuta was hopeful as it was his first time. His father and Brunadi came over with their catch. They all laid them out on the sand. Bruandi caught six. The king caught eight but two of them were very small and only count as one joked Bruandi. Then they counted Salhuta’s. He’d only gone and caught ten and they were beauties!

“WELL DONE Salhuta. We’re so very proud of you.” – “Well Bruandi, you got the job of gutting them my dear friend.” laughed the King. Salhuta laughed. Then said with intrigue; could I watch you and learn how to do it?”

“Of course, you can,” said Brunandi. The King looked at his boy and his heart was filled with pride. “That’s my boy”, said the King.

Now we can swim for a while. It’s time to have fun. ” Father this day is the best thank you.”

After swimming a while they returned to their camp showing off their catches. Tulata and Kalama we’re very impressed. “Shall we be eating these tonight then?” they asked. “Yes said the Prince, Bruandi’s going to show me how to gut them.” – “Well you’d better get to work then,” said Tulata.

Cooking Fish

That night the young Salhuta felt very happy sat around the campfire. He’d learned so much on this adventure so far. The thought that he could not wait to tell mother and Maye ran through his mind. Then he remembered the smile left his face and he said good night.

The King noticed this and followed. He put his arm around him and said “I know son. I wished I could tell your mother and Maye too. “

“We have to place them both in Gods hands now, he will bring them back to us.” Do you really think so father” – “Yes I do. You did well today son! You made me proud!” They said a prayer for the Queen and Maye

After that Salhuta snuggled up, closed his eyes and fell fast asleep

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Music: bonfire | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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