Labour pains

Just past midnight, Queen Parucha cries out in pain. She wakes Maye and tells her to wake Lord Viscum. “Tell him it’s time and he needs to go to the main Island and bring the Doctor.”

Maye runs to tell Lord Viscum. He’d already heard the Queen and was getting his boots on and running down the stairs. His wife and Nancy were awake, they had started to prepare a place near the fireplace for the Queen to give birth.

Lord Viscum ran down to the dock where they had a small rowing boat. He rowed as fast as he could. It helped that the sea was calm. As he reached the main Island there was a young man on the docks.

“Quick” he shouted “run up to Doc Multan and wake her – tell her the Queen has gone in to labour and she needs her urgently.” With out hesitation he ran as fast as he could.

Bang, Bang, Bang on the door. Doctor Multan woke up. ” Hang on she cried, I’m coming. Don’t knock my door in.” She opened the door in her nightgown and house coat. “What is it that your waking me at this time?” Out of breath the young man said “It’s the Queen, she’s started in labour. The man Viscum is waiting for you down by the docks.”

The Doc ran to get her bag and they both ran down to the docks. Climbing in to the small rowing boat Lord Viscum started rowing back towards the little Island. By the time they got to the house the Queen was in a lot of pain.

Nunnani, Nancy and Lady Viscum were all with her. Maye was up stairs trying to connect to her father so she could tell him what was happening. She was finding it very difficult with all the excitement.

Doc Multan examined the Queen. “You are not quite there yet your majesty. Lets get you up and walking around. ” Nancy and Lady Viscum helped walk her around. Lord Viscum went into the kitchen to boil water and make tea.

Maye shouted for Nunnani, she needed her help to concentrate. “Nunnani please help me I need to reach father and tell him – but my mind is racing.” In her calm voice she spoke to Maye ” Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth Maye. Nice and easy, slowly and focus your mind on your father. See his face.”

After a few failed attempts Maye made a connection. “Father, Father, go wake Shallolah I need her help so you can connect through me. Mother has gone into labour.”

The King ran to Shallolah’s cabin. “Wake up Shallolah its the Queen she’s having our child. Maye needs your help.” Shallolah woke up and instantly connected with Maye. ” What can I do Maye to help?”

Maye replied “I need my father to connect through me so he can be with mother. Yet I’m not sure if that can even happen?” Shallolah responded “It is possible Maye but you need to trust me. I need to take over your mind as well as your fathers. Do you trust me?” Maye didn’t have to think, “yes i trust you, if my father trusts you so do I.”

Shallolah explained to the King every thing that was going to happen. She sent him in to a very deep sleep so she had complete control over his mind. Then she asked Maye “are you ready” – “Yes” Maye replied. Shallolah acted quickly. Maye fell into a deep sleep and their conscious minds were switched. The king woke up in Mayes body. “I’m here, Nunnani it’s so good to see you again where is my wife?” Nunnani took him down stairs.

As soon as he saw his wife he ran to her and held her tight, “My love I’ve missed to so much. I’m here now lets have our baby.” The queen recognised it was her husband straight away. She gave out a huge cry. “I need to push she shouted.” With Doc Multan and her husband by her side she pushed and pushed.

The whole house was filled with eager anticipation, then they herd the cry. She was here. The King hugged his wife “well done sweetheart, I’m so very proud of you. He held his daughter in his arms and spoke her name. “Faith you are to be faithful, strong and will save many lost souls.” Every one in the house cheered.

In the excitement the connection was broken and the King woke up back in his own body and Maye was holding her sister. ” Welcome Faith” she said with tears in her eyes. She then handed her to her mother.

The Queen was exhausted, happy and sad all at the same time. Holding her new born daughter she cried. ” Welcome, my little Faith, may Gods blessing and favour be with you everyday of your life may you save many souls for his Kingdom. May you prosper in all you do.” Everyone said amen.

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