Keeping it Quiet

Lord Viscum had very much enjoyed his day with his wife and daughter, yet they couldn’t let anyone on the Island know who they were. They had discussed the matter and decided that for the foreseeable future Lord Viscum would stay with the captain and his wife as Japooli.

He would tell them that he was doing work for the family on the Island as to not raise suspicions. None of them would mention anything about the Queen. She would stay indoors and out of sight. Until God willing they could leave the Island. It was very hard for them to separate again, but this way everyone would be safe.

The Doctor was becoming more and more irritated every day. He searched the island every day in between doing his clinic. He couldn’t understand where the Queen could have disappeared to. He was trying his best to indirectly question the residents on the Island without anyone suspecting his behaviour.

Captain Drew had an appointment with him that afternoon. He asked the Doctor “Is the Queen well enough to come for lunch at the fisherman’s ball this weekend doctor?” The doctor quickly replied “I’m not sure Drew. She’s shut herself off in her room. You see her husband has not returned yet and she’s missing her children.”

“Doc, haven’t you told her yet that the Shalapoon has sunk? She needs to be organising her return journey back to her Island?” The doctor not knowing what to say said “Yes! well, I’ll be the one who decides when to tell her that not you.”

“Sorry doc, didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that there will be ships coming into port Sunday morning. I know the captain, he’s a good friend of mine and he passes by Gistlidia. I know he’d be happy to take her home.

“Alright, Drew I understand, I’ll chat with her and see how she feels about travelling.” He then paused, ” Drew my fine man, you’re good at mending things aren’t you.?” – ” I sure am Doc”. “Before you leave could you please check out my water pump round the back, I’ll make you some tea.”

“No problem Doc, I’m on it!”

The Doc quickly makes some tea, tipping in a lethal dose of poison from a ring – “Here you are, drink it up while it’s hot, I’ve put some of those biscuits you like on there too.”

“Thanks, Doc Shouldn’t be too long I think you just got something stuck in the spout!” – “Give me a shout when your done Drew. I’ll just be inside, I’ve other patients to see.” said the Doctor. With that, he went inside.

Drew finished mending the water spout then drank his tea. “Phew! That’s got a kick to it!” he said aloud. Before he could reach the back door he couldn’t even stand up, he was struggling to breathe. The doctor was sat behind the back door. Holding it shut until it all went quiet. Then opening the door he saw Drew was sitting slumped against the wall.

The doc quickly cleaned him up but struggled to move his body. So he just left him there on the cold ground wondering what to do. He thought up a plan. He would wait until dark. Then pretend he’d just found him there like that! He was the doctor after all and who would question him if he stated it was of natural causes.?

Later there was a knock at the Doc’s door, “Yes coming” he shouted. It was Captain Drews wife, ” Sorry to bother you Doc, have you seen Drew? He’s not been seen since this afternoon, he’s normally home by now”

Yes my dear he was here this afternoon. He mended my water spout. Come to think of it. I did say to him to give me a shout when he’d finished and he never did.”

Turning around he said, “let me go see if he’s there!”

The next thing she could hear was the doc shouting Drew! Drew! come on old chap!” Running through the clinic the Captain’s wife could see her husband laying on the floor! She screamed. “NO, NO, NO!”

“Drew, My Drew! Clutching his hands she was crying inconsolably. The Doctor looked at her ” I’m sorry my dear he’s gone.” – ” He can’t be she said, I’ve cooked his fish supper and it’s his favourite!” She didn’t realise what she was saying she was in shock.

By now some of the other fishermen had turned up. They had heard all the screaming and wondered what was happening. The doctor explained that Drew had collapsed and died. They helped him carry his body inside and comforted his wife. Walking her home they organised that one of their wives would stay with her. By now Lord Viscum had returned from the Island to hear the bad news.

Comforting her, he dismissed the others telling them to go home. Lord Viscum knew there was something wrong with this whole situation. Captain Drew was fit and healthy, there were no signs of Ill health. He knew that the Doctor was behind it somehow. He just had to play it safe for the safety of his family and the Queen.

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Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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