Homeward bound

It was early Christmas morning and the King and Queen wanted to surprise the children with the news that they we’re setting off for home. The morning was cold and frosty so the King had got up earlier. He was making a nice fire and cooking some of the hog roast they had the night before.

The smell of food cooking woke up the children. One by one they appeared downstairs.

“Merry Christmas father” – Maye was the first, Salhuta was soon following. “Hmm, something smells good. Merry Christmas, whats for breakfast?” he asked. The king smiled and hugged them both. “Good morning and merry Christmas to both of you – When you mother wakens we have a surprise for you”

Excited, they both pleaded with him to tell them. “Wait until your mother wakes” said the King laughing. He was so happy to see Salhuta and Maye laughing.

Just then the Queen and Faith appeared. Nancy and the Nurse weren’t long behind them. Maye was trying to read her father and mother.

“Stop that Maye!” said the Queen laughing. Maye apologised. “I can’t help it mother, I’m just too excited. What’s the news?”

The Queen sat by the fire with Faith and she looked at her husband. “Go ahead tell them.”

The King asked them “How would you like to set sail for home?” They replied “We’d love to father but we don’t have a ship.” The King smile widened “We do now. Shallolah gave us the ship Faith as a Christmas gift, she’s had it cleaned and stocked ready for our journey home. We set sail as soon as we can be ready!”

The children jumped for joy, “Really father your not kidding us?” The Queen said “Our few belongings are all packed. Nancy Lady Viscum wants you to have the house and the Island for your kindness and loyalty. All the deeds have been signed over to you.” She handed them to her. Nancy was speechless.

She looked at the young nurse and asked her.”Will you please stay here with me to help?” The young nurse relied “Of course i will.” She then looked at the Queen and asked “But who’ll feed Faith on your journey home?” The Queen looked at her and said. “I will my child, I have raised two other children and my milk is flowing now – You stay here with Nancy, she’ll need you now. Only if you want to though”

Jumping up she said “Yes I do. I love it here on the small Island.” – “Then it’s settled” said the Queen. The Deeds were handed over to them both.

“Now let’s eat and we’ll be off as soon as we can if we want to be home for New year” said the King.

He announced “Nunnani, Bruandi, Astrid, Tulata and Taleem are already on board – Doc Multan is staying here at Lula Island so it will be all hands on deck. I know with all our new skills we can do this as a family.” Smiling and nodding they all agreed.

Once they had eaten, over coats, boots and hats were all put on for the last ever walk to the mainland. Maye and the Queen turned back towards the little Island house for one last goodbye and then they they set their hearts towards home.

Onboard the ship, the King took up his position as Captain. He gave the orders to the crew. Salhuta was his first mate. Maye was to help Astrid in the Scully. Bruandi was to help Saluta and Taleem was to be on look out for whales, Pirates and any other threats.

Tulata was on-guard and weapons duty. The Queen was to fill in where ever needed in-between feeds and sleeps with Faith. Nunnani was to help the Queen and to pray for safe passage. It was to be a long and hard journey, but the King had no doubt in his mind that as a team they could pull it off.

They were all different people from the life they had lived when they left Gistlidia. King Parucha sent the order “Away Anchor” and they were off on their journey home

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Music: unforgettable journey by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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