Holy Day

The Captain woke up earlier than usual. His mind was tormented with the thought of him not being in control of his ship

The King had taken over and replaced his first mate. He wanted to stay loyal to the King, yet he wanted his ship back. He went up on deck it was around 6 in the morning. The King didn’t usually go up on deck until 8, but this morning the King was already there.

“Good morning Captain, your ship is a fine vessel! I’m awfully sorry if I’ve put your nose out. It’s just been so long since I’ve sailed, I seem to have taken over”. “No problem your majesty,” said the Captain. This made the King feel a little better about what was happening. “So captain how do you feel about us having a small service on board today?” “What do you mean?” asked the Captain. “Well if we were back on Gistlidia we would have a church service and worship the Lord. So here’s what I propose.”

“As as we’re out here on the ocean and I’m guessing not many of your crew believe…that we have a small service a few songs and prayer to bless this voyage.” “I don’t know about you old chap, but I feel a dark presence on board and I think we need God’s presence instead.” said the King.

The Captain was taken back, he had no words to say and before he could say anything the King announced it to the whole ship. ” There will be a church service on deck at 10 this morning, I expect all crew to attend.” He then excused himself as he need to freshen up, it had been a long night.

While the King wasn’t on deck the crew complained to the Captain “What’s all this about a church service? if we wanted to worship a God we’d become monks!” they mocked, ” do we really have to do this Captain?” The Captain looked at his crew and simply said ” just play along chaps, it’s only for two weeks and then we’ll have enough money from the King to pay your wages for the next year.” Grumbling still, the crew agreed.

By now the fog had lifted enough so you could see for at least 100 feet all around. The King and his family all except the Queen who was still very ill-attended the service plus all his staff including the Doctor who came up on deck.

The King started the service by reading Psalm 139. The ship went silent as he read. The crew having never read the bible could not believe how the word seemed to speak to them. Then the King introduces Nunnani, “She is my righteous one who will lead us in prayer and hymn.” said the King.

There was a sense of tension as the crew looked around for this Nunnani. Then they heard this most beautiful voice singing, it sounded so heavenly. The crew were looking in all directions as they couldn’t see her. Then appeared this angelic-looking woman. She was like no other woman they had ever seen. She walked through smiling and shaking their dirty hands. She was so beautiful and kind towards them they were mesmerised by her.

The song she sang while passing them was called amazing grace! They had never heard such beautiful words some of them were moved to tears! The hardened sailors crying at a song. Then this beautiful angel-like woman stood and prayed over all the ship and all who sailed on her. While she prayed there was a sense of Gods presence on board. This none of them could deny. It was something they had never felt before and they liked it even to the point of joining in with the prayer.

Once the service was over there was a new conversation and a better atmosphere on the ship. Nunnani disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared. All the Crew thought she was an angel who had visited the ship, even the Captain was taken back by her. The King dismissed the crew and ordered them back to work. They all did this with out any more grumbling.

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Music: voice of an angel one angel | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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