Gistlidia Tokens

As the story continues at Gistlidia we are now sending tokens to our collectors

We currently have 3 tokens

Invite token, VIP token and Book token

Invite Token
It’s up to you if you send, sell or even burn.
If you send the token you will receive a VIP token in your wallet within 48 hours.
Simply send the token to gistokens.tez (tz1MMJ631u7ogM1z1mr7WdcgPgSHHuv4aTdF)

VIP Token
Holders of VIP Tokens get NFT drops from every new chapter of the story as it unfolds and a few other exclusive surprises and giveaways until Jan 2023 when the book concludes. As a bonus you will also get a previous random Gistlidia NFT when the VIP token is sent to your wallet!

Book Token
The story of Gistlida will be made into a physical book when it concludes in Jan 2023. Owners of this token will be able to redeem it in exchange for the printed book.

VIP members will also be able to claim the book at a reduced cost or even win one!! To redeem this token you must send it to this address gistokens.tez (tz1MMJ631u7ogM1z1mr7WdcgPgSHHuv4aTdF).

Please note this token will only be available to redeem after 1st Jan 2023. More details to follow on this book claim.

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