Gistlidia prepares for Christmas


The Gistlidian’s have all settled down. Life on the Island was back to normal and Rerhud had regained their trust, thanks to Queen Astra’s guidance. Preparation were well on the way for Christmas.

The Gistlidians had started to walk the Island singing hymns and praying every evening for the return of their King and Queen. It was the most wonderful sight to see. walking through the small streets with Lanterns singing and praising the lord. As it was now close to Christmas they were singing a few carols as well. Queen Astra sometimes walked along with them and enjoyed the atmosphere. She longed to see her Daughter and grand children again. She prayed harder than any of the villages. In her heart and in her mind she always sensed that they would return and all would be well.

Queen Astra sing carols
Queen Astra sing carols

As she was walking through the streets singing she received this overwhelming sense it was as though she could hear Maye in her head saying “Grandma we’re all alright and we’ll be home soon.” The voice was so clear it was as though Maye was right by her side. Shouting out the Queen said ” Maye is that you where are you?” everyone looked at her ” are you alright Queen Astra ” some of them asked ” Yes, Yes, Didn’t you here that voice, it was Maye she said they were going to be home soon.” They all looked at each other, not wanting to offend the Queen they nodded their heads even though they hadn’t.

Carrying on with their prayer walk they prayed louder and harder for their Island to be blessed this Christmas by the return of their Royal family. By now a sea fret coming in and the walk came to an end. So that every one could return home while they could see.

Back in the castle the Queen was sure that it was Maye who had spoken to her. Shaking her head, she looked to towards heaven and said ” Lord, I place them in your hands. I do pray they’ll be home for Christmas, but if not home at least let them all be together and safe. In Jesus name. Amen.

She then finished her warm milk laced with whiskey, sat by the roaring fire and quietly sang Christmas carols until she fell asleep thinking of her family.

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