Falling in love with Faith

After all the celebrations were over. The reality of still being hundreds of miles away from Gistlidia is on the Kings mind. He can’t sleep thinking of how he’ll raise enough funds to acquire a ship to take his family home. He really wanted to be home for Christmas or at least before the new year. They had been away from home almost 12 months.

His thoughts were interrupted by Faiths cries, he looked at the Queen and she was sleeping soundly, he smiled and rolled out of bed. Walking over to where Faith was, the lady who was nursing her had just finished feeding her. So the king went over and picked up Faith. Holding her in his arms he carried her into the room. He put extra logs on the fire, then sat in the chair with her.

She was wide awake and looked like she had no sleep in her. The King sang her a lullaby his mother used to sing to him, he’d sung it to both Maye and Salhuta when they were babies too. Faith little eyes connected with his and she giggled. In that moment He fell deeply in love with his daughter. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes with dark rings they were eyes you could just fall into and when she smiled her whole face light up. ” your so beautiful my little faith, i’m so grateful the the Lord that we have reached you safely. Now i’m how do you suppose we’re going to get home. How will i get you all back to Gistlidia safely?

Just then the Queen had come into the room she kissed her husband on the cheek and said “here you are, i guess Faith has worked her charms on you.” “Yes” relied the King. ” I’m just working out my worries. How we’ll return to Gistlidia in time for Christmas or new year?” The Queen smiled and hugged him. “Don’t worry my dear have Faith in the Lord. He’ll have a plan we just need to wait and see.” With that they sat by the fire and shared stories about some of their adventures and thoughts while being apart. Faith fell asleep in her fathers arms. before they knew it the sun was coming up and every one had started to waken. ” Well my dear it’d been a long time since we pulled an all nighter.” The king laughed ” Yes, my love but we will have many more together.”

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Music by SergeQuadrado from Pixabay
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