Broken Ship Plank – Shalapoon

There is a knock at the door. “Yes; who is it?”. “It’s Drew. I’m one of the fishermen you sent out to find the Shalapoon”. The Doctor quickly opened the door and went out onto the porch. “Shush! You’ll wake the Queen.”

“What news do you have?” said the Doctor. “It’s not good news at all sir. The Shalapoon has sunk and we can’t find any survivors. All we could find was wreckage floating in the water. “How do you know it was the Shalapoon?” the doctor said back quietly.

“We found this piece of wood it says Shalap… the rest was missing. “Oh, I see. Well, thank you for that. Let’s just keep this to ourselves just now.” – “The Queen doesn’t need to hear this news. Here’s a silver coin. That should help keep you quiet for now” as he passed it over to him.

“Sir there are many other fishing boats out there collecting what they can from the water.” added the fisherman. “Yes, yes..” said the doctor. His mind was working overtime. He closed the door and could hear that the Queen was wakening. He quickly rushes to his medical room and quietly closes the door. Waiting a while he then opens his door and the Queen is up walking around.

“Good morning you’re looking better today,” says the Doctor. “Did I hear you talking with someone and did you manage to get news to the Shalapoon? said the Queen. The doctor looked confused. “The Shalapoon, what’s that?”. “The ship my husband the King is on with my children. They left me here for medical help”. “Remember you said yesterday you would send a message” said the Queen looking a little angry.

The Doctor looked at her even more confused. “I don’t know of any Shalapoon madam or of any King. I think you must still be confused after that bang on your head!”. The Queen shook her head! “What? – I haven’t had a bang on the head. I was poisoned. What are you talking about?”

The doctor whilst putting his hand to her head stated “Oh. It’s much worse than I thought. It seems your memory has been affected as well”. “Never mind he says, come back to bed. I’ll make you some tea. Hopefully, after more rest, you’ll remember who you are and where your from.”

The Queen got very angry at him. “Don’t be silly, I know who I am. I’m Queen Parucha. I’ve come on a whaling voyage with my husband King Parucha and my two children. How dare you speak to me like that saying I’m confused.”

“OK, OK your Majesty! Let’s just make you some tea and we can talk later. I’ve lots of patients to see.” With that, he was gone and shortly returned with some tea. The Queen was very apprehensive about him. Yet she did welcome the tea. After drinking the tea she felt as though everything was in slow motion. She couldn’t stand it! Then while feeling semi-conscious she felt someone grab hold of her. She tried fighting them yet couldn’t. She could feel her clothes being removed and felt helpless to stop it. She then blacked out!

Ill-gotten Treasures

Back out on the sea some of the fishing boats had found a large trunk and some other smaller decorative chests that must have come from the Shalapoon. They decided instead of handing it over they would keep quiet and share the rich findings among themselves.

By now the Doctor had moved the Queen from her room dragging her through the mud to a dirty hut outside. He had removed all her beautiful garments and put her in rags. While she was unconscious he had raped her . Before she could come around he’d given her some more drugs that kept her sedated. He then locked the hut door so he could have his way with her again as he pleased some other time…

The Bastard

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Music: blood eagle | Vocals by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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