Coming of age

All the ships crew were feeling very excited about the Island they were to visit. Yanowa was a very beautiful island the natives on this Island were very friendly.

As they docked the natives came to welcome them. They were playing music and dancing. It was an amazing sight to see. As the crew left the ship to find supplies and have a good time all the natives were surrounding them placing flower chains around the heads and offering them food and drink. It was like a huge party. Just what the crew needed after being on board ship for so long.

King Parucha called to Salhuta “Don’t venture too far son – enjoy and be kind. Don’t wander off.” Salhuta was half listening to his father “yeah, yeah father I hear you”. He wasn’t listening really. He’d spotted the most beautiful girl in the crowd and he wanted to go talk with her. It seems she’d seen him too.

Walking off the ship onto the docks, Salhuta lost sight of her with all the crowds. Looking around he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder. “Hello” she said. Salhuta turned to see her beautiful emerald green eyes looking into his. He was speechless and just made the most stupid noise. She laughed then taking him by the hand they walked along with the crowd back to the small village she they lived.

Salhuta couldn’t believe his luck. “Where have you been all my life and what is your name?” he said. She smiled said “Nadeena” and then kissed him on the mouth. It was as though some kind of thunder bolt had hit him. He was feeling so many feelings he’d never felt before. All he knew is he never wanted to leave this Island and this amazing girl.

Sex on the beach

Sitting down on the beach they drank pineapple juice in the sun. Playing around in the sea, chasing, hugging and kissing, Salhuta was lost in love. They talked and talked about everything and nothing. Before they knew it the sun was going down. There was a beautiful sunset and the laid together on the beach by a fire. As they were kissing one thing lead to another. Salhuta and this most beautiful girl made love right there by the fire.

Oh how Salhuta had fallen madly in love with this girl. He never wanted to leave her. “Nadeena – you should come with us” he said, “Where? come where, I’ve never left this Island and I can’t leave.” she replied. “Why not, you could come with us, my father is the King you can come live with us on Gistlidia we could be married?”

Salhuta was definitely love struck. “I’m sorry” she said as she put her head down. “You see I can’t ever leave this Island. Our culture is dependent on an element called Rubidium, if we don’t use this we die. This is the only island we know of the contains this in the quantities we need. ” – “Why, will you die with out it?” Salhuta was distraught. He’d fallen for this girl and never wanted to leave her side. Looking into her big green eyes he said “Come let’s go find my dad or captain Shallolah, they’ll know what to do.”

They looked and found Shallolah. She spoke to them both about the situation and could very clearly see what had happened between them. “I’m sorry Salhuta, it’s very true what Nadeena has said that the people of this Island can never leave or they would die with out this Rubidium. I should have spoken to you before we left ship. I can feel your feelings for her and I know she feels the same, but its a love that has to stay on this Island.”

Salhuta looked at her and said “Then I’ll just stay here with Nadeena.” The captain looked at him and smiled “I’m sorry Salhuta but that isn’t possible either, the same element that helps the natives, is very harmful to us in such high concentrated doses. That’s why we can’t stay on the Island for too long any longer that a day and we start to become very poorly.” Salhuta’s eyes filled with tears, he didn’t want to leave, he’d fallen in love. It had been so long since he’d had any kind of friendship with someone his own age.

The captain then looked at him sadly and said in a comforting voice. “I’t’s time to say goodbye Salhuta, we can’t stay any longer.” Nadeena kissed him and gave him the longest hug. “Goodbye my love, I’ll never forget our time together.” With Tears in his eyes he kissed her one last time then walked sobbing his heart out with the captain back to the ship.

The dock was full of the people. The ship was fully stocked and Salhuta stood by the captains side. His father looked at his son and asked “What’s wrong son you look sad. Haven’t you had a good time?”

“Yes father” Salhuta said, ” I just didn’t want to leave my new friend, I love her. Life is very unfair at times” His father put his arm around his sons shoulder. “Yes son I know, Who was she?” Salhuta pointed out Nadeena ” wow she is very beautiful I’m not surprised your sad. Its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved.”

“Come on son he said. We will down our sorrows together and celebrate you becoming a man.” His father patted him on the back. With that, the ship left the dock and they waved goodbye.

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