Captain Salhuta

The very next day, Shallolah called for Salhuta, she had heard nothing but good reports and praise for the way he’d taken command of her ship the day before. She wanted to reward him and give him a regular shift where he was in charge.

“Salhuta my fine young man, I’ve heard you did a great job yesterday taking charge of my ship!” She smiled. From now on I want to give you 4 hours a day where you will relieve me so I can go rest and do whatever i need to. Is that something you’d be interested in?

“Yes, Yes! I would love to do that. Are you really going to trust me to do that every day?” Salhuta shouted. “I am, come back on deck at noon and you can relieve me of my command until 16:00 hours.” Salhuta hugged her. He then ran off to find his father and tell him his good news.

His father was sitting in the mess and about to eat his breakfast when an excited Salhuta came running up to him. ” Father, you’ll never guess what?” Captain Shallolah has given me four hours every day when I have command of the ship. She has great confidence in me and I’m going to be captain every day!”

The King smiled “Well done son, you have grown into a fine young man, I’m very proud of you.” Salhuta, sat down very excited and they ate breakfast together. “How are you feeling today father?” he asked.

“Well son I’m glad you asked, I’ve been meaning to talk with you about the way I’ve been acting, I’m very sorry that I’ve let you down!” – ” you’ve not let me down father. This trip and spending all this time with you has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Just look at what I’ve learned and now I’m going to be captain. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you father.”

A fine Young man – He wiped his eyes – 10th Jan

The King was taken back by how grown-up his son had become. “I wish your mother could see you now, she would be as proud as I am.” Salhuta put his head down, “I miss mother and Maye very much father, I do hope they are well. We will find the won’t we father?” “I have no doubt in my mind son that we will see them again. You know son, I’m a great believer in fate. Everything happens for a reason. We have to put our trust in the Lord and know that we are exactly where he wants us to be and with those he wants us to be with right now. “

“Tonight we will pray and trust God. Now come on you need to rest before your time in command.” The King hugged his son and they walked back to their cabin together.

The King was feeling very happy and optimistic, he had a great sense of peace wash over him. His son was to be Captain. His heart felt like it was going to burst with joy

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