Bruandi’s Joy

On board the Ship Faithful, Bruandi wakes himself up laughing,. He’d had a dream of meeting the most beautiful woman. She had long flowing red hair and the most piercing blue eyes. She was a strong warrior and feared nothing. In his dream, he could see her in battle, fighting side by side they were the perfect match. As they battled they sang songs of battles gone by. It was as though he’d known her always.

From the battlefield to the bedroom his dream flipped. They were together counting scars and telling their stories. She was warm, her skin was soft and the air was filled with a beautiful fragrance. Her beautiful red hair shimmered with the light from the flickering fire. In his dream he was happy. Happier than he had been for a long time.

Then he woke up laughing, No! He tried and tried to go back to sleep to return to his dream. Yet it was gone. Frustrated he got up and went out on the deck! His mind was haunted by this most beautiful redhead. Who was she? He’d never seen her or met anyone like her. It was still dark, the night watch was on deck. It most have only been around 3 am.

Staring up at the stars Brunadi said a prayer. ” Heavenly Father, I thank you that you have kept me safe and that we’re returning home on this fine ship. Yet what have I to return to? My wife thinking I was dead found love with another man.?I can’t return to that. “

“Again my heart is filled with sadness. I grieve for what I had. Tonight I had a dream of meeting another woman with who I was happy. My heart longs to be loved, to be close and intimate with someone. Help me Lord to find happiness again. I don’t ask for gold or silver, I just pray for love. If you could help me find this happiness once again I will be forever in your debt. Amen “

He opened his eyes looking up into the sky. Two shooting stars shot by. In amazement he heard a woman’s voice saying “I think your God heard your prayer”. Bruandi turned to see the most beautiful woman. He just stared at her.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was her the woman he’d dreamed of. She had the reddest hair and as soon as he looked into her eyes he was sure it was her. “It’s you he said, it’s you. You’re the woman in my dream. How can it be?”- ” Who are you? What’s your name? and how are you here?”

She looked at him and laughed saying ” I’ve always been here, I’m Astrid the captain’s Daughter. I run the ship at night so my mother can rest. I know who you are, you are Bruandi – the King’s first mate”

“You were shipwrecked and brought all the way here in the belly of a whale. My mother foresaw it all. It is no coincidence that you are here. It is fate, do you believe in Fate?”

Bruandi couldn’t take it all in. She was the woman from his dream. She was here and she knew of him. Why couldn’t he speak? He wanted to hold her in his arms yet felt paralysed to move. He was awestruck.

Again she laughed and offered him a drink of rum. ” Here, you look like you need this!” Taking the rum he drank some, then drank some more. ” Hey that’s strong stuff be careful,” she said. Bruandi coughed then started laughing. Eventually, he re-found his voice. “Your mother knew this would happen all along, she’s a very unusual woman!” She looked at it “Yes, one with a big heart, she has many special skills.”

From that moment Astrid and Bruandi didn’t stop talking all night, they spoke of their pasts and what they hope for in the future. Laughing together and drinking it was the happiest he’d ever been

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Music Morning Acoustic chill by Olexy from Pixabay
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